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My expectations were sky-high. Inaudibly, I crossed the mirror-clean white floors of the studio and sat on the pillow and mat before the Yogi in deep morning meditation, ready for my twelfth and final private yoga lesson in India.

As I silently got comfortable, I shut my eyes, straightened my back and listened to the jungle-like sounds of exotic birds cooing in trees blend with the honking horns of occasional vehicles passing by. Three resonant oms, a prayer sung in Sanskrit, and Suresh’s tranquil voice marked the beginning of my last session.

How are yoo he asked in a singsong way?

I gave a meticulous rundown of my last 24-hour observations. Then I compared my progress with my reasons for working with him. I summed up where we had started and where we were. Clearly, I was preparing for a peak experience a grand finale to end our work.

Although grounded, calm and poised, Suresh was not responding to my expectations. I suddenly felt like I was trying to squeeze toothpaste out of a nearly empty tube. Evaluating options at the speed of thought, I flipped the matter over to him.

How would you like to conclude our series of sessions I asked?

There’s nothing to conclude he replied shutting his eyes in concentration. What do you mean? It’s our last session! I secretly thought.

He continued, Each session was complete in itself – the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th; you could have stopped at any point. I pondered his wise perspective. Just because this is the last time we meet while you are here this time doesn’t mean that you’re done.

Laughing, I sensed a moment of illumination about to occur. I’m not done Compassionately, the Yogi stared at me, shaking his head. I sighed with relief. That’s a good feeling, I said. I get to continue the journey, don’t I Smiling, he nodded in agreement.

Sometimes we have the tendency of putting too much attention or effort on the completion of any one thing instead of focusing on moving forward. For instance, magnifying the importance of completing a business strategy, a sales presentation or an important project often can lead to a perceived sense of loss as if you’re done or it’s over, thereby taking powerful steam out of your engine.

As entrepreneurs, executives or high achievers, we must stop over-emphasizing the significance of any single item in our business or life’s agenda so that we can generate momentum and fuel growth by moving on to bigger and better things.

Think about where you came from, where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re headed. At times, a particular leg of travel may take so long that you forget that you’re actually on a journey. Still, consider that you are on a flight that is taking you to your desired destination. Some of my best clients have questioned, What if when I get there, I realize it’s not where I’m supposed to be Guess what Then it’s not your final destination it’s a stopover. The good news is the reward is in the journey, not the destination. You’re not done either.



May 6-8, 2014
Athens, Greece
Did you know?

This week, I’m attending international meetings and leading a workshop for the Chicago Board at EO’s annual Global Leadership Conference at the Athens Hilton where, more than 30 years ago, I was elected one of four prom princesses. At times, it feels like I’ve lived 3 lives in one…!

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