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“Yesterday, I howled with sheer joy in the supermarket’s parking lot as we packed the car with groceries. What my husband asked concerned about what I was up to next. I exclaimed, “I’m so thrilled that there are people(in Italy) who still believe that there are ways to influence human behavior!”

Our earlier experience was nothing short of a miracle to me: following a random check that obligated us to go from the automated exit to the usual check out lanes manned by cashiers, we were rewarded mega bonus points. We had properly charged each item tossed in our cart using the cart’s bar code scanning device. In other words, we got points for behaving honestly. (Huh! Bonus points for being law-abiding citizens?!) I wanted to run back for more points screaming, “Here, test me again!” Showing mercy for my husband, I got in the car and we drove away.

It’s no secret: this beautiful country I’ve chosen to call home for over two decades values the status quo and is challenged by change. For years, I’ve been told by Italians from north to south every possible reason why they can’t or won’t change. That’s why Esselunga’s endeavor to modify consumer behavior is spectacular: in its attempt to change deep-seated behaviors woven into the fabric of the culture it’s challenging the status quo. They deserve to win because they get it: People act in self-interest–so condition the desired response!

Below are three powerful steps that can influence citizens, a culture, and country. Be the sculptor that molds the change:

  1. Define. Describe the difference by painting the picture you seek; what does the change look like

  2. Measure. What gets measured gets done Keep your finger on the pulse rather than settling for final year-end score: What behaviors (read actions) indicate progress?What about success?

  3. Reward. Reward desired behaviors, and provide consequences for the contrary.

That’s Change. Once you succeed, you can keep that change.


How To Become Creative On Demand


I worked with an entrepreneur who was an expert in innovating inspiring life styles for influential people. She turned homes, residences and the outdoors into works of art. She aspired for ways to systematize creativity as to alleviate stress during design conception.

I told her that the intuition she depended on to guide her inventiveness concealed an implicit competence that needed to become explicit. So we took her most acclaimed works and defined the criteria that qualified these world-class projects. Although we assessed 3 different categories, and each work of art was unique, the criteria across the board were the same.

She hadn’t realized that she had a distinctive ‘brand’! Moreover, it was a highly sophisticated one because it was easily identifiable as hers while respecting the individuality and needs of a demanding global clientele.

As a result of defining the criteria her work needs to meet each time, she now consistently produces high-quality results with greater freedom in less time and with lower labor intensity.


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be? To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q. During your seminar in London, I discovered that my second highest value (Structural Pillar #2) is Financial Independence. However, one year later, I find myself in some of the greatest financial difficulties I’ve ever been in. Why is this happening?

A. Excellent question. Voids drive values. Period. The pre-requisite for the formation of a true value is a void. In short, what you perceive to be most missing (i.e., void) becomes most important (i.e., value). If you didn’t perceive a void, you wouldn’t have this value!

However, the Structural Pillars of Self representing your identity do not change as you evolve and grow; they remain constant through-out your lifetime. Therefore, if you valued financial independence in the past, and you will continue valuing this in the future your answer lies in the void that drives this value.

For instance,during my early twenties, my parents demanded that I came back home after getting my Italian diploma in Florence (in all fairness, that was the deal)! I refused by claiming “financial independence” since I wanted the freedom to explore life beyond educational system before I got a real job! In your case, what ongoing need for freedom does financial independence “fill” for you?

With regards to the last 12 months, check assumptions and actions:

  • Did your discovery mislead you to believe that money would start flowing to you easily and effortlessly?

  • Have you relaxed income generation and/or increased spending in the past year?

  • Moreover, valuing the state of financial independence is not the same as valuing money itself; are you confusing these very different but apparently similar things?

Lastly, for insights on how to catalyze dramatic change connect-the-dots! View your second Structural Pillar in the context of the other three, and in particular, Structural Pillar #1 and Purpose, which are directional? That’s your modus operandi: therein lies the mystery of why you do what you do, and how to create the progress you seek.

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!

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