• “Working with Angie gave me the certainty about my deepest inner purpose and core pillars, or what she calls, my ‘non-negotiables.’ Since I had already done a lot of soul searching and was fairly clear about my purpose before we met, spending a day with her I found the final clarity and a model, which is very easy for me to follow. Working with Angie also helped me remove obstacles that were unknown to me but clearly prevented me from reaching my full potential.”

    Karl H. Funke
    Chairman, Global Leadership Committee
    Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • “I wanted to blast through limitations and take my life off autopilot. I knew I was on a quest to do something greater but was not able see it clearly. As a result of working with Angie, I spotted my unique opportunity. I now understand what I am up to in the world and have the courage to step ahead and bring it. I am making major decisions and big changes in many aspects of my life. With Angie’s help, I’ve accelerated momentum and positioned my business on a whole new trajectory of growth.”
    John Kvedaras
    Accenting Chicago Events & Tours – U.S.A.
  • “Angie’s framework enabled me to see how engrained habits and thoughts were holding me back from that “next level” of performance. With her guidance, I learned how to look at a core issue objectively and honestly, and without the emotional charge that was keeping me from seeing clearly. I was able to cut through mental obstacles that have been limiting outcomes, and the results have been 400% annual growth, and complete confidence in my decision-making.”
    Adam Robinson
    Entrepreneur/CEO/Chief Hireologist
    Hireology, Inc. – U.S.A.
  • “Working with Angie has been foundational to my current direction as a leader, a servant and a friend. I’m in tune with others at higher levels than I ever have been before. In addition, I’ve acquired a knowing that allows me to get my needs met easier and faster, make better decisions, and invest my energy, time and financial resources smarter. I have found that I am now choosing to focus on more strategic, higher priority things rather than what is urgent and this is having a big effect on the organizations cohesiveness as we continue to achieve rapid growth. I’ve created a vision aligned with my core pillar values leading me to experience greater fulfillment and to be more present on a daily basis. A remarkable return for one VIP Day! Thanks, Angie.”
    Will Scott
    Entrepreneur and Leader
    Lextech Global Services – U.S.A.
  • “I was looking for a resource to help take my game to the next level, in order to lead our business through the next evolution of growth. I am no longer thinking tactically and worrying about the day-to-day issues. I was able to free up time and energy to focus on revenue generating activities along with creative growth ideas. This allows me to look at the big picture and not let the details stop the company from making bold and aggressive decisions. Since the onset of my engagement with Angie, our company has continued to grow by managing out negative influences and embracing progressive and positive growth ideas. I could not have picked a better person to help me realize my own potential, and that the fun is in journey.”
    Ian Kieninger
    CEO, Avant Communications Inc. – U.S.A.
  • “After 14 years of running my own company, I had reached a level most people would consider very successful. Yet, I was lacking inspiration, energy and purpose. I knew something had to change but wasn’t sure what or how. From my first conversation with Angie, I knew I wanted what she had and talked about with such conviction… a purpose so clear and inspiring that nothing could prevent me from pursuing it! It’s pretty amazing how changing the reason why I’m doing what I do opened a floodgate of new opportunities. There is no longer any real competition since there’s only one me!”
    Timothy J. Heitmann
    CEO of Popcorn Palace – U.S.A.
  • “I am 49, single, an entrepreneur and a mother. I was convinced that I didn’t have a romantic relationship because I have a child, I work too much, I weigh too much, etc. I felt bad, judged for the choices I made, and powerless to change the situation. Thanks to Angie, I learned that I am the architect of my own reality. In fact, I chose not to have a relationship by channeling my energy into other areas of my life that are in alignment with my highest values. Now I know that I have the power to make a different choice and act upon it when I choose to. By owning my decision, I feel happier, I feel stronger and in control of my life. I am grateful to Angie for opening my heart and mind to the power and greatness within me.”
    Andrea Herrera
    President and Brand Evangelist
    Amazing Edibles Gourmet Catering – U.S.A.
  • “I decided to figure out what I really wanted so I could stop lying to myself and be happy. My career wasn’t progressing the way that it deserved and although I claimed I wanted a family, I focused exclusively on work! As a result of working with you, I am doing things entirely different than I ever have before! Productivity has soared while frustration and stress are down. I’m taking more risks, I’m operating from a place of strength, and I am able to better serve my clients because I understand them better which enables me to provide the value they need. Thanks to knowing what really drives me, life has become easier and more fulfilling in a very short time!”
    Kathleen Else
    Enterprise Sales Manager
    LinkedIn – U.S.A.
  • “My business and personal life were suffering for something I felt was beyond my control.  Today, the absolute fear and debilitating physical reactions to public speaking and socializing are gone. I have launched a new phase of my business that requires a significant amount of social focus, and specifically on me. Each opportunity is met with enthusiasm, not fear. My issue, completely dissolved. Thank you Angie for the freedom to confidently choose where I want to go. I don’t need to open the door and leave the obstacle behind since there are no longer any walls to even hold me in!”
    Rachel Y. Nielsen
    CMP Business Owner
    Advanced Events, Inc. – USA
  • “In my personal life, I was in a relationship that felt toxic, yet I carried on, prioritizing the short-term benefits over the long-term pitfalls for fear of loss of the relationship. Angie helped me discover my genius, my own value, and taught me specific conversational techniques that allowed me to take control of my life and the relationship. One of my biggest takeaways is discovering my own values and understanding how important it is for a romantic partner to support my four core values. Previously, I wouldn’t have known how to defend the ways in which I spend my time, but understanding that those four pillars are non-negotiable components of mine gives me the leverage I need to put my foot down in situations where I haven’t been strong enough to in the past. Thank you Angie! I will cherish our interactions for the rest of my life.”
    Ajay Goel
    Silicomm Corporation – USA
  • “Freedom. Perfect alignment. Absolute knowing. I’ve discovered a new and unique roadmap for accomplishing bliss making old baggage and barriers obsolete! This is the difference between existing and living life 100% to optimize your highest potential.”
    Martin Hole
    Olympic Athlete
    1986 World Cup Bronze Medalist in Cross Country Skiing – Norway
  • “Your ability to zoom in with laser precision has helped me connect the dots, develop a vision, and create a unique signature style for my brand. Thanks to our work, I am more effective and efficient in producing higher quality results. I feel powerful, radiant, energetic and ready to generate g-force business growth.”
    Vera Iachia
    Chief Executive Officer
    VeraVision – Portugal
  • “Angie is a world class woman with world class gifts. She works with the best – she attracts the best – she is the best. Angie is the Coach who takes champions to the Super Bowl–and makes them WIN!”
    Nikkea B. Devida
    Accelerated Results Business Mentor
    California, USA
  • “I was convinced I had to spend another decade working for others to stockpile experience. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to accelerate this process: I’ve gone from ‘I CAN’T’ to ‘I can and… I WILL!’ Thanks to our work, I’ve developed the courage of my talent.”
    Valeria Picerno
    Costume Designer
    NYC, USA
  • “My goal was to live a fulfilling life, with or without particular outcomes. I realized I compensated insecurity by excessively controlling personal and business relationships leading to their deterioration and poor productivity. I was amazed at how quickly you dissolved this dependency helping me regain balance! I rebuilt my company by hiring talent higher than mine. I gave up micro-management relinquishing control. I empowered people to release their creative energy and produce first-rate results. I’ve also become a living model to my life partner inspiring her to grow. Today, I have gratitude for an inspired vision and I’m moving at increasing speed in the direction of its fulfillment. I look forward to you taking me to new heights!”
    Haakon Tveita
    Managing Director
    Structurum AS – Norway
  • “It’s incredible how you make the ‘invisible’ visible enabling people to experience that they already have what they’re striving for! This combined with loosing an addiction to success and the fear of failure frees me to do what’s important, both personally and professionally, without being overly attached to the outcomes. You’ve been an expert guide by my side and the growth I’ve realized in such a short time is unbelievable. I wholeheartedly recommend you and look forward to our continued collaboration. Thank you.”
    Claudio De Paoli
    Regional Manager EMEA
    RSA Security – Italy
  • “I’m very grateful for overcoming debilitating heart palpitations which induced me to feel unfit, unhealthy, and fearful of getting sick in public. Being palpitation-free, I can now complete tasks on time, run and get bus to get to work, and even enjoy a drink socially among colleagues and friends. Discovering the message I was intended to receive has transformed this threatening experience into an extraordinary gift! I feel self-reliant, empowered and in control of my life and self again. Thank you.”
    Grace Kelly
    London, U.K.
  • “Angie, you’ve created tremendous value for PWA and its members by relentlessly challenging the Board and Association to achieve excellence. Your energizing presentations and high value content have mobilized people into action transforming our events into a beehive of activity. Thank you for your invaluable contribution.”
    Monica Pesce
    Professional Women’s Association
  • “Your ability to discern inspiration from misleading illusions is humbling and all empowering. Thanks to your guidance, I now have my entire life is blueprint in one astonishing roadmap, and a will of stainless steel to overcome any obstacle on the path between me and what I’m here to accomplish. Thank you!”
    Sabina Cappellacci
    Engineer & Entrepreneur
    Florence, Italy
  • “Angie has a unique talent for ‘comforting the discomforted & discomforting the comforted’. She is a straight shooter who enables maximum development in an environment of trust. Her timing in harvesting my readiness was laser-swift making it painless and unanticipated. By working with her, I’ve changed my perceived potential and output to unexpected heights. My discovery of new talents and current speed of implementation is unprecedented!”
    Malin Carlberg
    Chief Executive Officer
    Master Mind Group
  • “You’ve been pivotal in helping me unlock my turbo power to make a social and global contribution!”
    M.Claire Chung
    General Manager – China
  • “Angie has the gift of helping people tap into ‘AHA!’ moments that connect their work with lifelong passions. Her expertise increases clients’ commitment and focus on doing everything possible to achieve their most audacious goals.”
    Pamela S. Harper
    Founder and CEO
    Business Advancement Inc. – U.S.A.
  • “Since life and work are one getting clear on what I value has significantly helped me reduce stress and improve life balance. As a result, my energy has gone up and I have more to channel into my goals and people. My ability to lead and influence others has also improved since I now know what I truly stand for. Being trained by business leaders who believe in their work like Angie makes all the difference. She was clear, thorough, and ensured maximum involvement.”
    Agnese Predite
    Managing Director, Latvia
    Intrum Justitia SIA
  • “During a lunch consultation with Angie, I acquired new insights and perspectives that turned my challenge into opportunity. I refocused my energy, efforts, and power to create financial and operational value that exceeded organizational expectations. Then, the promotion previously pursued in vain came to me! This intensive learning experience gave me better insight to myself. It pointed to where my energy comes from and took me to the next level: a prime example of how a good leadership program can benefit the individual, the organization, and the expert leading it. Bravo, Angie!”
    Guy Colpaert
    Managing Director, Belgium
    Intrum Justitia NV
  • “It was very important for me to learn how to manage both professional and personal goals, for my life and career. Today, I have a family, I am responsible for a wider geographic region and I travel a lot. But I feel less stress and can better focus on targets. My performance has improved as well as my loyalty towards the company since the problem was not my employer but in my head.”
    Roy Marending
    Head of Key Assets, Switzerland
    Intrum Justitia AG
  • “My aspirations were not only met, they were exceeded. Thank you for transforming me into a public speaking lion.”
    Alessandro Gemelli
    Solution Archietect, Hewlett-Packard
    Rome, Italy
  • “Angie has a laser-like focus yet there is an elegance and a beauty to her manner. Her approach is intuitive, revolutionary, and dynamic. She captivates you in a way that inspires you to want to learn and explore with an open heart and mind. Soon enough, you’re airborne with a full tank of fuel heading for new destinations! Thank you, Angie.”
    Tim Brown
    Pilot, Cathay Pacific
    Hong Kong
  • “Angie has the powerful ability to move people. Guided by her quality questions, I experienced a quantum leap that was life changing! The process which was ‘activated’ channels continuous growth in the most important areas of my life. Her finest work exceeds the personal and professional domain and has physiological and spiritual impact. This brings about profound change and represents the essence of healing. My gratitude for Angie and her invaluable contributions is immense.”
    Dr. Itzhak Derimar
    Chiropractic Clinics, President
    Jerusalem, Israel
  • “I always believed that I had to choose between my personal and professional goals and that implied accepting trade-offs. Instead, I experienced the profound revelation that both are being served at the same time – what was once divided is now ONE. This has had a major impact on my motivation and productivity! Angie wanted everyone to reach their personal objective for the program and didn’t settle for anything less. She is an inspiring leader and role model. Extremely professional, very experienced, and knowledgeable Angie knows what she’s talking about; it is evident she’s been there. Thanks, Angie!”
    Robert Miller
    Operations Manager B2B, Sweden
    Intrum Justitia AB
  • “Angie will hone in, stay focused, and pull you up and through the eye of the needle! Her non-judgmental and no-nonsense approach gets me over the hurdle each time. Thanks to Angie, I am more centered to make better business decisions. She’s on retainer.”
    Caroline Cocciardi
    Documentary Producer
    San Francisco, USA
  • “I came to resolve my relationship with another person and resolved the relationship with myself. Your program is an excellent investment that keeps paying dividends.”
    Melinda Kapor
    IC Solutions – Italy
  • “Thank you for helping me realize that when I make ‘sacrifices’ for my company, I’m actually doing it for myself. Understanding this has empowered me and makes a quality difference in my attitude, commitment, performance, and self-esteem.”
    Tanja Medina
    Communications Center Manager, Switzerland
    Intrum Justitia AG
  • “This program has widened my understanding of people and the organization. I’ve learned how I could lead my team so much better with these leadership tools. Also, thanks to Angie’s coaching, I gained valuable insights about our local employee-management dynamics and how they contribute to my growth as a future leader. This allows me to not only to bear the challenge but also to appreciate how it is serving me.”
    Els Meerschman
    Responsible for B2B, Belgium
    Intrum Justitia NV
  • “My work with Angie brought me from a state of confusion to one of clarity – simple in words, complex in process, and life-altering in outcome: I have surrendered to my dream by building a vacation cooking school in Italy! I now live six months of the year in Sicily where I have a flourishing business that allows me to practice living in the manner I have always yearned for. I have grown in wealth, confidence, self-esteem, and sheer joy.”
    Shelley D’Angelo
    Contessa Vacations
  • “I’ve uncovered the motivational drivers that unlock my energy resources. I’ve also used with direct reports what I learned to do for myself. My people skills have improved as well as my ability to harness the company’s manpower. This has made me a more effective leader. I’ve also introduced it in business with excellent results. These are powerful tools that have social and professional application. This understanding has changed my beliefs, actions, and behaviors towards people forever. This was a remarkable learning experience and eye opener! Thank you.”
    Rob Haket
    Manager Client Relations
    Intrum Justitia Nederland B.V.
  • “I can always count on Angie to provide a unique perspective which expands my mind and aids me in developing new options to make wiser decisions. I deeply trust her.”
    Tomaso Andreatta
    Director of Indochina, Intesa San Paolo
    Saigon, Viet Nam
  • “Angie’s leadership has enabled us to bring out the best in our people. She has made a significant contribution to the fulfillment of our vision to become ONE Intrum.”
    Michael Wolf
    CEO & President
    Intrum Justitia AB
  • “Angie helps people perform better on a personal and organizational basis for the rest of their days.”
    Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
    Summit Consulting Group, Inc.
  • “Angie, the powerful development systems you designed stimulated employee growth, satisfaction, and a sense of community within our organization. You transformed what was once a cost into a high return investment. Thank you for contributing to the success of our people and organization.”
    Maria Tringali
    Human Resource Manager
    Hewlett Packard Italy
  • “Angie’s experience and expertise deliver tangible, practical results that impact people and the business. She’s an excellent advisor and her coaching services are an invaluable asset to any executive team.”
    Marco Benincasa
    Vice President South Europe
    Travelport GDS
  • “Thank you for helping me navigate through business, leadership, and personal challenges, all at once! Your leadership coaching has taken me to the next level and embodies the most effective form of stress management I’ve encountered. You give corporate athletes a vital boost.”
    Paola Magnani
    Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Distribution
  • “Your ‘Building High Performance Teams’ workshop was a great success. Combined with your executive coaching, it was a great investment in leadership development and strategy execution. Your passion for helping individuals and executive teams achieve their full potential has directly impacted our bottom line results. Thank you for your leadership, contribution, and on-going support.”
    Maurizio Sitzia
    CRM Resource Manager
    Hewlett Packard Italy
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