My Success Springboard

My Success Springboard

Personal Assessment


While most high performers have what it takes, they may not be ready to springboard their success. Take this assessment to gain clarity about how you can get where you want to be faster. Score each statement below on a scale of 1 to 5. At the bottom, see your total score.

1 = Strongly disagree                                     4 = Agree
2 = Disagree                                                       5 = Strongly agree
3 = Neither agree nor disagree

1.You are a top performer in your industry or field?
2.You are financially successful?
3.You know you are up to something in the world?
4.You have unfulfilled potential you’re on a quest to express?
5.…(to be added)
6.You’re at a critical crossroads in your career or business?
7.You feel concerned you might be losing momentum or drive?
8.You question what’s next for you?
9.You don’t know or have certainty about your next move?
10.Whether you have many options, few or none, you long to find the right option?
11.You’re ready to venture outside your comfort zone?
12.You’re comfortable being uncomfortable?
13.You’re willing to redirect your attention and focus inward?
14.You’re open to specific discovery processes to find what’s next for you?
15.…(to be added)
16.Commit the time that is necessary for your next level growth?
17.Channel the energy to achieve your desired results?
18.Invest in the expert resources required?
19.Partner and follow expert guidance?
20.Make the changes that are necessary to get you to the next level?

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