Tapping Into Your Solid Silent Strength



I worked with an interior designer in the luxury goods industry who felt that she regularly compromised more than she should, personally and professionally. Latterly an empty nester, in the final third of her life, she wanted to focus attention on self-growth.

We uncovered her four platinum pillars that constitute the cornerstones of her self; these core values or valued states are non-negotiable for the self to enjoy integrity. Overnight, she sensed a solid silent strength start to expand from the inside out. She reported turning down two prestigious clients, which in the past had consistently challenged her cornerstones. She automatically learned to say no, as a result of this self-knowledge.

Moreover, after twenty-five years, her spouse rapidly began making up for lost time by doing his best to communicate which gave the marriage hope since knowing what was important to her enabled her to feel comfortable about leaving, if she couldn’t get her needs met.

She never mentioned our work to her spouse nor did she flex muscle or raise her voice to be heard. Nonetheless, clients, friends, and family detected the invisible change and her profound visible quiet inner strength.Define your four core non-negotiable values to uncover your silent solid strength. It’s the bedrock of your leadership.


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