Overcoming Self-Doubt And Choosing A Life Of Purpose



The seasoned executive who hired me was seeking inspiration to make mid-course corrections in her life. She believed that she was put on this earth for a greater purpose than simply being a good person. At the same time, she was afraid of the consequences of such an important discovery: what if she didn’t like her purpose and the changes it implied?

I recommended we address her challenge in two parts. First, I asked her to assess the value of embarking on this quest. She defined the ways she believed her life would improve as a result of finding a deeper purpose. I also requested that she define, to the same degree of detail, what her life would be like if she did nothing. Then I asked her to choose between the two options her responses had generated:

1. If the pain of regret or maintaining the status quo exceeded the challenge of finding solutions
to living her purpose in ways that delight her, proceed with finding purpose.

2. If the pain was less than the challenge, focus time and attention on matters of greater value
to her.

Not surprisingly, she opted to find purpose. Purpose defines your highest value and is where you find significance and meaning. It’s your greatest love and the passion, which never dies. My client has a full plate now, and she’s utterly enjoying the feast.


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