How Beliefs Influence Reality



More often than not, I’ve held the space for clients by believing in them until they learned to believe in themselves. This was the case with a client I’ll call Veronica.

Veronica was tired of dedicating every ounce of energy to her business, of seeing but not being able to cross the finish line, and of longing for a romantic relationship that was nowhere in sight. Her state of mind was reflected in
her unkempt physical appearance.

I listened to her tell her story, set a goal for herself, and finally ask for my feedback. After a pregnant pause, I told her she could do better. I pointed to her potential and raised the bar by proposing three stretch goals  instead of one. She claimed that she couldn’t possibly reach that level of performance in such short time. I said, “Yes, you can.”

Victoria’s transformation was almost immediate. Sensing the vision I held for her she stated, “I want to see myself the way you see me.” She quickly reframed how she experienced life’s challenges. Then went on to achieve great things including the romantic relationship of her dreams.

People really do rise to the level of expectations we set for them, demonstrating that their beliefs influence their reality. Are you fully exploiting your potential? Contact me to discuss how changing your beliefs can dramatically change your reality.

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