Celebrating Barely Possible Wins



I consulted with a Fortune 100 company in Italy that was seeking advice on how to solve a strategic issue. Technically, the organization attracted the best talent in the marketplace. However, globalization demanded a bilingual workforce to drive innovation. Traditional English language training had proved not only to be unattractive, but ineffective as well for the company’s adult learners.

Focusing on the people instead of the language issue, over the course of three years, I assisted more than 180 knowledge workers to establish their motivational drivers. Consequently, it had nothing to do with the employer’s need for them to learn English.

Thereafter becoming proficient in English was a breeze. The company achieved both its short- and long-term goals, and so did the employees. No one will ever be motivated by anything other than his or her own values. Period. Motivation is intrinsic, which is the reason that most incentive programs fail. Find your real why, for any given goal. You’ll soon be celebrating wins you barely imagined possible.


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