Becoming Creative On Demand



I worked with an entrepreneur who was an expert in innovating inspiring life styles for influential people. She turned homes, residences and the outdoors into admirable works of art. She aspired for ways to systematize her creativity as to alleviate stress during design conception.

I told her that the intuition she depended on to guide her inventiveness concealed an implicit competence that needed to become explicit. We took her most acclaimed works and defined the criteria that qualified these world-class projects. Although we assessed three different categories, and each work of art was unique, the criteria across the board were the same.

My client never realized that she had a distinctive brand. Moreover, it was a highly sophisticated one because it was easily identifiable as hers while respecting the individuality and needs of a demanding global clientele. As a result of defining the criteria her work must meet each time, she now consistently produces high-quality results with greater freedom in less time and with lower labor intensity. Name your distinct criteria. You too, can become creative on demand.


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