A Proven And Sustainable Way to Dissolve Fear



One of my entrepreneur clients complained that he felt stressed, tired, and anxious, and that he only slept 4 hours a day. Increasing tension afflicted his family relationships. He suffered from fear of losing money on a deal that he envisaged would secure his positive annual cash-flow.

An effective way to handle this fear is to use an iterative process in which you identify a series of instances where you have already experienced your current fear, then recalling how your fear and the actions you took for each one resulted in benefits for you.

In this entrepreneur’s case, we pinpointed a financial crisis one year ago. Next, we counter-intuitively listed the ways in which his fear of losing money and his actions during that period had benefited him or served him well. We then identified the crisis prior to that. Again, he discovered twenty benefits resulting from that zero hour. We repeated the process two more times with his ability to spot glorious gains improving each time.

In as much as an hour, here are just a few outcomes the entrepreneur experienced:

  • He became cognizant of his track record in overcoming financial challenges, thereby increasing his confidence that no one was better equipped than him to handle his situation.
  • His self-appreciation soared as he realized that each crisis was the basis of his financial growth as well as the value he provided as a leader in his industry.
  • He accepted fear, a common outcome of this process, as a formidable ally and extreme driving factor in his success.

This person’s shift in perception released enormous amounts of tension causing his body and head to feel lighter. He reported that the anxiety and stress were gone. Subsequently, he regained focus, concentration, and greater control of his life. This process, which requires time but no other resources, has a huge return on investment. If fear of losing money is keeping you awake at night, I invite you to try it yourself. This powerful technique will help transform your mindset.


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