Red Phone Access

For some time, people who are veterans of my community and programs have asked for special access to me for urgent or important matters that can be handled with one brief call. To respond to that need, I am offering a new red phone access service. Beginning immediately, people who have an urgent need for assistance can speak with me directly on an expedited basis. Pay for access, and you can expect a call from me within 90 minutes of your request.

What Red Phone Access Is


In a fast-moving world, Red Phone Access is designed to provide the in the moment support you need by allowing you to:

  • Access my smarts
  • Ask for advice
  • Use me as a sounding board
  • Role play an important call
  • Identify your options
  • Define a plan of action or next steps
  • Validate a decision, plan or line of thinking
  • Receive specific tips, tricks or techniques for your given situation or issue
  • Generate alternatives
  • Gain perspective

What Red Phone Access Is Not


This service is not for:

  • Requesting information about our company or services
  • Asking questions about how we might work together
  • Scheduling Discovery and Strategy sessions
  • Booking appointments and/or other events
  • Complex issues or those that require more than one brief phone call to resolve or address.

It Pays to Use Red Phone Access When


  • You’re procrastinating
  • You have a lingering doubt that’s holding you back
  • An important matter requires time-sensitive, decisive action
  • You must mitigate danger in a high risk situation
  • You’re indecisive when opportunity presents itself
  • You feel overwhelmed and experience lack of control
  • You resist making a critical call or scheduling a major meeting

How Red Phone Access Works


Using the Red Phone is easy, fast and hassle-free. To get started, click on the Buy Now button below. Under add special instructions include the desired time frame of the call and contact details so I may reach you directly.

I will make all calls on the same day for requests received by 6 p.m. Central European Time, unless you have indicated otherwise. In such case, I will confirm the date and/or time requested. You will be promptly notified electronically when air travel won’t permit me to contact you.

You will get ten minutes of phone mentoring plus I’ll answer up to two e-mails for 24 hours following the call. In addition, should you engage in a larger project within 14 calendar days of your Red Phone Access conversation, your entire investment will be credited to that project. The service is available Monday through Friday* from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central European Time. Weekend access is available at a premium, provided you book the service in advance.

*excluding Italian legal holidays

$125 – Weekday
$155 – Weekend

Call Now


Use our secure lines to gain direct access to me for a brief private and confidential conversation to keep you on track and boost momentum, productivity and results today!

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