Platinum Transformation Coaching

Transformation, like platinum itself, comes from the inner core. Rare and profound, it springs from a sudden shift in perception and self-awareness. Mental and emotional roadblocks disappear and the energy and space released clear the path forward for as-yet unseen truths and successes.

For this powerful experience of clarity, Platinum acts as both guide and catalyst. We uncover unconscious patterns, beliefs and key motivations—things often hiding just outside the comfort zone and working to hold you back—and transform them into an expanded vision of your life, purpose, and possibility.

Our holistic coaching model is based upon two decades of learning and research in the field of performance and leadership development. It’s built for ambitious, peak-performing business leaders and professional athletes who seek to discover what’s next and surge ahead—again.



Our Distinct Approach


Transformation is intense and unique. We uncover the core values that dictate all the actions and behaviors of your life. Once that happens, you can again take aim and hit new targets with bulls-eye focus.

The way forward is always personal. Because whatever happens in one area of your life affects all the other areas, too—professional, private, social, spiritual. It’s called One-Life Living.

It’s holistic. It balances heart and mind, present and future, control with letting go, and this model of Learning in Action brings about radical breakthroughs. The needle moves forward on your highest priorities, reshaping idle learning time into productive work.

Our proprietary approach is rigorous. It’s not for everyone. Self-discovery is, after all, difficult and exhilarating work. Yet it produces sustainable results that achieve far-reaching cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual and interpersonal impact. And at Platinum, we value brevity: we can accomplish in 90 days what it takes others 12 months.


The Platinum Philosophy


  • Greatness is intrinsic to the human spirit.
  • Time isn’t a resource, but a matter of priorities.
  • The professional and personal are inseparable, living in a consistent whole you.
  • Transformation is a holistic, individual and systemic experience.
  • The goal is not to eradicate symptoms, but to find and eliminate causes.
  • Inner improvement is achieved once it’s recognized by the outer world.
  • Brevity has value. If results come in a day, don’t take a week.
  • Transformation is measurable, dramatic, irreversible and enduring.


Make It Happen


Success inevitably leads you to a crossroads. The decision you make on your next direction can be complex and seemingly unknowable.

Angie is an expert at navigating these uncharted waters. She spots unnoticed opportunities before anyone else, and uses your past success as the springboard to your best path forward. Each person’s next step is different, so every Platinum coaching experience is unique, high touch, confidential, and exclusive to you.

The Platinum Transformation begins with a Clarity Conversation. In it, you and Angie reach a mutually-agreed upon decision as to whether a customized program is right for you. If so, together you identify objectives and measures of success based upon desired outcomes, metrics and issues. A process is then designed using methods best suited to your needs.

Platinum is a boutique firm. Angie works with only a limited number of clients. Admission to these one-on-one programs is limited. If there are no openings, you’ll be placed on a waiting list.

You’ve already proven you have what it takes. You have platinum in you. Platinum Transformation Coaching pulls it out and puts it back to use. When that happens, you can realign goals with core motivations to achieve the results you desire—and springboard to the next great thing.


Get Started


  • “Angie’s framework enabled me to see how engrained habits and thoughts were holding me back from that “next level” of performance. With her guidance, I learned how to look at a core issue objectively and honestly, and without the emotional charge that was keeping me from seeing clearly. I was able to cut through mental obstacles that have been limiting outcomes, and the results have been 400% annual growth, and complete confidence in my decision-making.”
    Adam Robinson
    Entrepreneur/CEO/Chief Hireologist
    Hireology, Inc.
  • “I was looking for a resource to help take my game to the next level, in order to lead our business through the next evolution of growth. I am no longer thinking tactically and worrying about the day-to-day issues. I was able to free up time and energy to focus on revenue generating activities along with creative growth ideas. This allows me to look at the big picture and not let the details stop the company from making bold and aggressive decisions. Since the onset of my engagement with Angie, our company has continued to grow by managing out negative influences and embracing progressive and positive growth ideas. I could not have picked a better person to help me realize my own potential, and that the fun is in journey.”
    Ian Kieninger
    Avant Communications, Inc.
  • “Angie has a unique talent for ‘comforting the discomforted & discomforting the comforted’. She is a straight shooter who enables maximum development in an environment of trust. Her timing in harvesting my readiness was laser-swift making it painless and unanticipated. By working with her, I’ve changed my perceived potential and output to unexpected heights. My discovery of new talents and current speed of implementation is unprecedented.”
    Malin Carlberg
    Master Mind Group
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