Corporate Consulting

Since 1999, we have been helping clients improve productivity and performance. Knowing how to stimulate engagement and buy-in is the singular ingredient that transforms ordinary initiatives into extraordinary successes.

Our work is collaborative, involving your workforce and resources, maximizing skills transfer to you and your people. Our engagements are usually completed within one to six months. We work against specific objectives with clearly established outcomes and timing, contributing to your business goals.

    • “We hired Angie to lead a strategy session for our board. She created an instant shift in energy from the outset and rapidly got everyone on the same page. We accomplished in three hours what otherwise would have taken three months. Six months into our year, I consider the program a resounding success: through recognizing our shared values, experiences and passions we have improved the quality of collaboration between board members, increased the opportunities to connect within the chapter, and provided outstanding experiences for our membership.”I am grateful to Angie for improving our efficiency and setting the stage for a remarkable year for all of us.”

      Andrea Herrera

      Chicago Board President, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

    • “Angie’s leadership has enabled us to bring out the best in our people. She has made a significant contribution to the fulfillment of our vision to become ONE Intrum.”

      Michael Wolf

      CEO & President, Intrum Justitia AB

    • “Angie, the powerful development systems you designed stimulated employee growth, satisfaction, and a sense of community within our organization. You transformed what was once a cost into a high return investment. Thank you for contributing to the success of our people and organization.”

      Maria Tringali

      Human Resource Manager, Hewlett Packard Italy

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