Platinum Consulting & Advisory Services


Platinum springboards companies to their next level of success. We develop your bull’s eye focus so that suddenly you see targets you didn’t realize were there. And together, we activate your Next Big Thing.

Discovery, though, isn’t enough unless all the critical steps are aligned. Platinum recognizes the opportunities others often don’t see, and obliterates any roadblocks standing in your way of seizing them. We connect the essential elements needed for you and your leadership team to effectuate lasting performance improvement — and surge ahead to your next success.

Organizations are only as great as the people who lead them, and so to grow your company, you need to grow yourself, too. Our formula creates Alignment between you and your team, and between clarity and implementation, too. This fundamental reframe results in rapid business growth, and brings the next Big Thing to life.


Alignment is Power


Hitting your company’s targets demands that you know exactly what and where they are. At Platinum, we unlock the strategic opportunities others haven’t seen or imagined possible. By aligning vision and motive, the change that seemed unlikely comes quickly into being.

Our consulting model activates not only the power of collective purpose, but lowers the barriers that keep us separate from each other — and separates organizations from their next Big Thing. We believe there is power in numbers. When the focus shifts from the one to the many, and the energy of bull’s-eye focus and commitment unites, it can change the world.

Ready to change yours?


    • “We hired Angie to lead a strategy session for our board. She created an instant shift in energy from the outset and rapidly got everyone on the same page. We accomplished in three hours what otherwise would have taken three months. Six months into our year, I consider the program a resounding success: through recognizing our shared values, experiences and passions we have improved the quality of collaboration between board members, increased the opportunities to connect within the chapter, and provided outstanding experiences for our membership. I am grateful to Angie for improving our efficiency and setting the stage for a remarkable year for all of us.”
      Andrea Herrera
      Chicago Board President, Entrepreneurs’ Organization
    • “Angie’s leadership has enabled us to bring out the best in our people. She has made a significant contribution to the fulfillment of our vision to become ONE Intrum.”
      Michael Wolf
      CEO & President,
      Intrum Justitia AB.
    • “Angie, the corporate bi-lingual training curriculum you designed stimulated employee growth, satisfaction, and a sense of community within our organization. You helped us transform what was once a cost into a high return investment. Thank you for contributing to the success of our people and organization.”
      Maria Tringali
      Human Resource Manager,
      Hewlett Packard Italy


    Connect to a Trusted Advisor


    Platinum’s most successful clients thrive on continuous improvement and flourish with the timely, provocative advice we deliver. As a Trusted Advisor, we become your sounding board for strategic decisions, resource for resonant intellectual property, and reliable source of breakthrough ideas. Our clients report dramatic and immediate improvement in both personal and professional performance.


    Angie’s advisory services are ideal for:

    • High-performing entrepreneurs wanting to increase their impact
    • Seasoned business leaders navigating high-stakes challenges
    • Multigenerational family entrepreneurs that seek to strengthen their legacy
    • Professional athletes in transition that choose to fast track their success


    As an advising client, you’ll have unlimited access to Angie during central European business hours by phone, Skype, email, and when desired, face to face. Conversations are candid, confidential, and responsive to your immediate needs.

    Ready to activate your Next Big Thing?  Let’s get started.

    Call Angie at +39 (02) 8637-9777 or email her to explore the ways she can springboard your success.



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