Executive Coaching

We offer a range of personalized one-on-one executive coaching programs to boost productivity, performance, and personal effectiveness. Your desired goals determine the programs content and strategies for achievement.

We reach a mutual decision as to whether these programs are right for you. If they are, we establish agreed goals and success metrics. Measurable results are achieved within 90-days or less. Coaching is offered remotely by phone, in person or at the office, while Platinum tiers offer unlimited and unrestricted access.

These programs are specifically designated for senior executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and high achievers who are ready to reach their next level of growth.

Typical results include strategic focus, greater leadership capability, conflict resolution, business acquisition, stress reduction and stretch goal achievement.

Angie Katselianos is the exclusive resource for those who enroll in this program.



Going Deep: Leveraging What Drives Your Success

  • “Angie’s experience and expertise deliver tangible, practical results that impact people and the business. She’s an excellent advisor and her coaching services are an invaluable asset to any executive team.”
    Marco Benincasa
    Vice President South Europe
    Travelport GDS
  • “Thank you for helping me navigate through business, leadership, and personal challenges, all at once! Your leadership coaching has taken me to the next level and embodies the most effective form of stress management I’ve encountered. You give corporate athletes a vital boost.”
    Paola Magnani
    Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Distribution
  • “Your ‘Building High Performance Teams’ workshop was a great success. Combined with your executive coaching, it was a great investment in leadership development and strategy execution. Your passion for helping individuals and executive teams achieve their full potential has directly impacted our bottom line results. Thank you for your leadership, strong contribution and on-going support.”
    Maurizio Sitzia
    CRM Resource Manager
    Hewlett Packard Italy

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