Better Late Than Never

Is the “Plan B” you have for your current career viable Learn how
you can mitigate a high-risk mistake that generates anguish or regret,
and transform your work into the gift it can be.

The podcast is 3:48.

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The Power of Passionate Leadership

How can you tap into your passion on a daily basis, and infuse it across your
organization to triumph

In this 15-min interview by Pamela S. Harper, business author and CEO of
Business Advancement Inc., Angie Katselianos reveals what passion really is —
and isn’t — and what you can do to increase your passion on a consistent basis.

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3 Steps Forward – Blog Talk Radio Show

Do you ever wish emotions could help you gain momentum rather than
drain your brain and body In an interview with Deidre Hughey, Angie
explains how you can apply the science of transforming emotions into
high-octane fuel using 3 simple steps!

The podcast is 21:44.

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