Transforming Dysfunctional Groups into High Performance Teams

Case Study



A Fortune 100 company was in danger of losing its market leadership in Italy. The dysfunctional behavior, lack of business acumen, and absence of customer focus by a key team of IT engineers threatened the company’s ability to retain a strategic account of a top telecommunications company. To retain its leadership, the company needed the team to provide the expertise and value the customer required.




First we provided opportunities for team members to build trust and commitment by designing and leading a series of practicums that reduced the internal conflict. Next, development learning combined with group coaching accelerated team bonding, which produced higher levels of synergy, accountability, and camaraderie. This enabled the engineers to re-focus from dysfunctional internal dynamics to business results, and to become customer-centric.




The company was able to sustain its market leadership due to the team’s new-found skills and ability to focus on customer needs, to take a business perspective, and to provide operational value. This high performance team went on to enable the company to expand its accounts and maintain existing ones by consistently completing projects on time and under budget, by developing strong client relationships, and by maintaining a business perspective and focus on results.

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