Retaining Top Talent Following A Corporate Split-Up

Case Study



A leading multinational company was experiencing talent attrition during a corporate split-up. The strategic intent behind the breakup was to maximize profits by individually managing each product line. The two resulting entities had different growth outlooks; the morale of the one with lower sales was declining rapidly as its top talent left. The post-breakup entity needed to resolve these fundamental issues that interfered with productivity.




To get to the reasons behind talent attrition and declining morale, we used a combination of methods in multiple company locations in Italy to gather data that established a baseline. Using that information, we created a consistent understanding of the organization’s new direction and values among executives, managers and employees through interactive forums. We led a series of workshops designed to increase employee engagement through mental and emotional alignment. Finally, we coached managers how to efficiently and effectively handle an empowered workforce, and consulted with executives who provided required support and resources.




Powered with newfound purpose and passion, employees set audacious goals. The CEO reported that our work together was critical to achieving the company’s growth and development objectives in Italy. Specifically, it served as a catalyst for performance excellence, accelerating innovation and key actions. The company retained its top talent, employee engagement dramatically improved, and the company’s subsequent growth yielded a 300% increase in gross profits for the year.

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