Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

Case Study



After three decades of growth through acquisition, Europe’s second largest credit management group had become a federation of companies operating in 27 countries. However, the momentum of the company’s expansion generated centrifugal forces that threatened the organization’s cohesiveness. For the company to succeed, it was imperative that it create a gravitational field to bring the international satellites into the corporate orbit.




We increased organizational integration, leadership capability, and employee engagement through the deployment of an intensive corporate development program. To ensure these gains would be sustainable, we realigned the people with the business strategy, and the processes with the people. This allowed us to establish a mechanism for on-going accountability by designing effective performance management processes.




The company accelerated its growth due to the broad range of business outcomes made possible by post-intervention projects that promoted international communication, collaboration, and consolidated interpersonal relationships. These changes enabled the emergence of a new corporate culture, as 27 previously separate markets began to operate together as one organization. Because employees were empowered to create impact in areas of individual interest, their increased commitment resulted in higher levels of productivity.

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