Accelerating Global Growth

Case Study



To support an aggressive global growth strategy, a U.S. multinational needed its IT group in Italy to become a catalyst for global integration. Business acumen and proficiency in English were critical success factors. Yet the war for talent had caused attrition rates to soar, resulting in an unstable workforce, and efforts to help employees acquire the necessary English language capability had been costly and ineffective.




After gathering information on attrition, we re-positioned the company as a learning organization committed to developing its people. We redesigned its recruiting, retention and development strategies to engage employees and equip them with the tools and environment needed for them to develop a long-term focus and commit to achieving the designated ambitious outcomes. Then we designed and delivered a curriculum comprised of business, soft skills and language training to meet the company’s growth goals.




Thanks to a newly stabilized and qualified workforce, the company acquired and retained new market share in the competitive Italian marketplace by shifting the organization’s business strategy from systems integrators to business integrators. Over the next three years, as high turnover dropped below industry standards, the company attracted the finest talent. It was able to achieve its global growth goals in large part because its bilingual workforce facilitated the circulation, growth, and conservation of the company’s knowledge capital beyond cultural and geo-political borders.


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