Case Studies

Accelerating Global Growth


Challenge.  To support an aggressive global growth strategy, a U.S. multinational needed its IT group in Italy to become a catalyst for global integration. Business acumen and proficiency in English were critical success factors. Yet the war for talent had caused attrition rates to soar, resulting in an unstable workforce, and efforts to help employees acquire the necessary English language capability had been costly and ineffective. Read More

Retaining Top Talent Following A Corporate Split-Up


Challenge.  A leading multinational company was experiencing talent attrition during a corporate split-up. The strategic intent behind the breakup was to maximize profits by individually managing each product line. The two resulting entities had different growth outlooks; the morale of the one with lower sales was declining rapidly as its top talent left. The post-breakup entity needed to resolve these fundamental issues that interfered with productivity. Read More

Transforming Dysfunctional Groups into High-Performance Teams


Challenge.  A Fortune 100 company was in danger of losing its market leadership in Italy. The dysfunctional behavior, lack of business acumen, and absence of customer focus by a key team of IT engineers threatened the company’s ability to retain a strategic account of a top telecommunications company. To retain its leadership, the company needed the team to provide the expertise and value the customer required. Read More

Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness


Challenge.  After three decades of growth through acquisition, Intrum Justitia, Europe’s leading credit management services group, had become a federation of companies operating in 24 countries. However, the momentum of the company’s expansion unintentionally generated centrifugal forces that threatened the organizations cohesiveness For the company to succeed, it was imperative that it create a gravitational field to bring the international satellites into the corporate orbit. Read More

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