How To Achieve Maximum Contentment By Avoiding 3 Common Mistakes




I once asked an audience of 200 entrepreneurs who had achieved what a lot of people would be very happy with, how many had found the level of fulfillment they wanted to create. Following a pregnant pause, three hesitant hands went up. How can this be? Aren’t entrepreneurs supposed to be a step ahead of the rest of the world, the exemplary role models of those with the head, heart and guts to follow their dreams?

Today, whether you work only three hours a week or eighty, you probably have too many options in life from which to choose. With every milestone reached, the horizon keeps moving beyond the curvature of the earth so you never quite get there. Your inherent need to explore many, most or all (or, paradoxically, even none sometimes!) of your options keeps you stuck as you spin your wheels, digging yourself into a hole instead of moving forward.

When this happens, your vision gets misty and your head foggy. Still you need to deal with the demands, deadlines, and dangers of running day-to-day business and living. It doesn’t take long before inertia takes hold, leaving you feeling frustrated and trapped.
Here are three common mistakes that waste precious time and prevent you from receiving the Life’s Maximum Contentment Award:

1. Acting from a place of obligation rather than inspiration. The best way to destroy what you’ve built in your career or business is to act from a place of obligation (“got to” i.e., burden) rather than inspiration (“love to” i.e., enthusiasm). Behind this apparent sense of duty lies latent fear of losing something you value or gaining something you don’t. For instance, if you opt to go on cruise control to experience the country club lifestyle or travel the world, the business will diminish, shrink, and eventually disappear and you’ll be left with nothing. Or if you were to choose a different career path, you’d have to start from zero, having lost your investment to date. What you need is a vision so clear and compelling that nothing in this world could prevent you from manifesting it!

2. Continuing to do things to grow your business when they aren’t working. Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Instead of doing the same things that don’t work for you, try something different. For example, strategically veer left in order to create space, growth and new opportunities. Think of an oil well. Striking oil is not always a matter of drilling deeper. Sometimes it requires moving and drilling elsewhere instead.

3. Deciding to focus on what you’ve always wanted to Be, Do, and Have AFTER you retire. In my experience, this mistake is the biggest waste of time when you are seeking your purpose. We all have the exact same amount of time: 24 hours a day. You can make another dollar but you can’t make another minute. This fact makes time a matter of priorities rather than a resource. Consuming life while deferring its primary aim is like sewing faster with a needle so the thread doesn’t run out!

If you’re here for a purpose, isn’t it wiser to discover it so you can get on with giving it your best shot? Besides,why you’re here determines who you are, what you’re here to accomplish, and how you’re meant to serve. What personal or professional information is more strategic than that?

For those who are willing to miss out on living their lives fully feel free to make these mistakes. However, if you want the opportunity to achieve maximum contentment that comes from living your purpose you’ve got to change the way you think and what you do. After all, what good is speed if you’re going in the wrong direction?

Stop wasting time and find your purpose. ForInsider’s Secrets on how to unearth your purpose, be sure to read my article, How To Succeed In Finding Your PassionAlso, download our high performance tool, the
Iconic Inspiration Indicator to help guide you when you embark on your quest. And if you need suggestions or help, I invite you to schedule an appointment or call me.


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