Crafting Goals You Truly Can’t Wait To Achieve

Michelangelo worked in a frenzy, often for days on end without sleep. His projects inspired him. He believed the sculptor was a tool of God who was called not to create but simply to reveal the magnificent figures put in the marble by the divine. Relentlessly, he fought to create the image he saw in his mind’s eye by chipping away the excess stone until one masterpiece after another was freed from the rock it was bound by.

Believe it or not, you have a heart like his that is capable of seeing what inspires you. Pulsing invisibly like a little dynamo in your chest, it has 20/20 vision. Just as the Renaissance master distinguished between which part of the stone was excess and could be cut away, so your heart knows how to inspire you to create your own masterpiece by distinguishing between what belongs to your life and what doesn’t. Unlike your busy mind that is obsessed with getting things done, the heart’s focus is on achieving great results.

One way to gain access to this discerning heart is to know your core values. Another is to discover your arch-value or purpose. Both sets of knowledge allow you to dispose of what is not in alignment with these valuable touchstones. If you lack certainty about your core values, purpose or both, there is yet another way of approaching your heart: rather than choosing your goals, let your goals choose you.
In rational goal setting, objectives are established based on external circumstances, needs or the environment. In contrast, I developed a method called sensory-based goal setting, which allows aims and aspirations to emerge from the inside out. Following this method, you invite yourself to choose how you want to feel once you’ve achieved your goals by answering, what would delight you? As my clients have discovered, even a one-page business plan based on how they would love to feel produces greater results than a 20-page document based purely on data. Why? Because logic makes you think while emotion makes you act.
Here are five reasons why focusing on how you’d love to feel is the key to crafting goals you truly can’t wait to achieve:

    1. Tapping into your feelings is like connecting to your power source or pulling into a fuel station to fill up your tank. The stronger the feeling, the larger the quantity of fuel, and the greater the distance you can travel.
    2. Connecting with your passion is a catalyst that mobilizes you to action by stimulating drive and the need to make notable progress.
    3. Focusing on how to achieve a goal about which you are passionate creates mental and emotional alignment that reduces the friction and drag that slow you down.
    4. When you listen to your heart, it reveals what matters most for you.
    5. Sensory-based language activates the power of your subconscious mind, closing the gap between where you are and your desired outcome.

This dynamic process of sensory-based goal setting produces unparalleled results when used for creating a clear and compelling vision for your business, area of responsibility or yourself. I use it regularly with high achievers. Recently I worked with a client who was committed to creating a global impact. One reason he came to me was that the goals he developed using the rational method were okay, but falling short of what was needed to achieve the desired impact. Following my process, here’s what was different:

  • There was no struggle to identify electrifying goals.
  • He answered every question with masterly finesse.
  • His speed of progress inspired a sense of levity.
  • Clearly, he was free dreaming.

That was so easy, he said. He added in disbelief, “I didn’t think I was capable of such big thinking.”

Do your goals inspire you to do your best work, to focus on your goals, and to chip away relentlessly at everything that stands in the way of achieving them? If not, the sensory-based goal setting process could be the key to unlocking your creativity and crafting goals you truly cannot wait to achieve. To learn how this process could help ignite your passion to benefit your work, contact me directly.


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