50 Ways to Live Your Values

Are you working below optimum capacity? Do you find yourself wondering how to convert potential into results? Perhaps you just wish you could jump out of bed every morning feeling energized, empowered, and enthusiastic to take on a new day….
I often hear from the leaders I coach and mentor that they wish they could go without sleep at times so they could continue doing what they love; they’re so engaged in living their legacy that for them, work and play has become one. Do you want to know the only difference between you and them?  They know what they’re made of.

Just as protons and electrons are the building blocks of the Universe, so are values the building blocks of the self. Your values constitute the load bearing pillars of who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re here to accomplish. Living your life according to other people’s values instead of your own corrodes integrity and self-esteem and causes productivity to plummet.

How do you actually live your values For starters, by using them to achieve the outcomes below….

I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free. Make a new plan, Stan (apologies to Simon & Garfunkel). Use these suggestions promptly and regularly to dramatically improve presence, performance,and quality of life. Don’t slip out the back, Jack! These tips guarantee to keep you focused, and productive. Just listen to me.

1. Connect the dots

2. Get permission to be who you really are

3. See the Big Picture

4. Develop leadership from the inside out

5. Free yourself of mass convention

6. Validate ‘unexplained or instinctive’ personal behavior

7. Make the right choices

8. Increase clarity and certainty

9. Promote self integrity

10. Develop bulletproof confidence

11. Reduce stress

12. Prioritize next steps

13. Gain unbridled insight into yourself

14. Develop self-appreciation

15. Grow in self-worth

16. Harness your personal style for getting things done

17. Accelerate progress in areas that matter to you

18. Tap into your highest source of inspiration

19. Find meaning, significance, and where to make a difference

20. Gain lasting freedom and well-being

21. Remain “immune” to volatile external circumstances

22. Develop the discipline to get things done

23. Size up people quickly and establish if you’re a good ‘fit’

24. Discover and connect with your purpose or Why?

25. Boost your vital life force and energy

26. Achieve stellar performance

27. Live your legacy — not just leave it behind

28. Build wealth doing what you love

29. Become unsusceptible to public criticism

30. Enjoy “guilt-free” indulgence in being You

31. Nurture lasting relationships that stand the test of time

32. Make faster, wiser, and better decisions in the moment

33. Reallocate resources more effectively

34. Gain a greater perspective

35. Activate the force within

36. Enjoy life

37. Get higher ROI

38. Increase productivity

39. Improve performance

40. Achieve emotional, self, and life mastery

41. Manage your time more efficiently

42. Create a focal point for thought leadership

43. Catalyze your continuous reinvention

44. Leave a mark

45. Stimulate the creation of intellectual property

46. Understand your MO

47. Know what kind of kids you want to raise

48. Maximize personal contentment

49. Forgive and/or be grateful for your parents

50. Live a life that matters


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