Platinum Strategy Session Application Form

Answer these questions to apply for a complimentary Platinum Strategy Session. We have a limited number of appointments available and request that only applicants who are serious about dramatically increasing their results, and making a quantum leap in their business and/or life apply.

Please take the time to fill this questionnaire out completely. It is designed to be a business assessment tool so the mere act of formalizing your thoughts could mark the start of your business transformation.

* First Name
* Last Name
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*1. How did you hear about Angie Katselianos and the Iconic Inspiration Indicator?
*2. What inspired you to invest the time to apply for a strategy session today?
*3. What is your biggest obstacle in achieving the results you seek?
*4. What has prevented you from overcoming this obstacle to date?
*5. What have you already done to remove this obstacle, and what were the results?
*6. What business and life goals would you like to accomplish within the next year?
*7. How do you believe Angie can help you achieve your business and/or life goals?
*8 Are you now presently or have you ever invested in any self or business development programs? Please describe.
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