JULY 2013


One summer morning, flying high as aneagle I raced across Ponte Garibaldi over the Tiber River on my red-hot scooter. Another client was “born” as the ink dried on a freshly signed consulting contract in my scooter’s trunk.

Feeling over the top, I knew better than this. Imustget centered,I thought to myself. Oh, just a little longer! said the capricious inner child grabbing those feelings of ecstasy as if tomorrow were not another day.

Turning onto Via del Corso cars came to a standstill. The central lane line separating two-way traffic beckoned me like a runway inviting a plane to take off. I flew down the road passing a bus on my right when suddenly, as the long vehicle ended, a priest stepped into my path.

I nearly summersaulted as I jammed the front break with my left hand, and grabbed the white-faced pastor preventing his fall and mine with the other.

That centered me. Instantly.

There are times when people do want to celebrate, and there is a reason to celebrate. Yet you need to watch the balance between not celebrating at all and over the top behavior. Aim for two things:

  1. Recalibrate. Take away the emotional edge by equilibrating excessive excitement before you drive a vehicle or operate dangerous equipment.
  2. Celebrate safely. Use both sides of your brain (emotional and rational) without allowing either side to over power the other.

When over-the-top takes command it can lead to one place alone: under-the-bottom!

Recalibrate. Celebrate safely.

You may not be as lucky as that priest.


There may be many times you have the moments of euphoria described above,or perhaps they’re few and far between. But excessive imbalances like these occur on a smaller scale daily, and they can be costly if not recalibrated in time.

In this issue, I’m pleased to present an effective tool that you can use to help you mitigate the smaller imbalances that have disproportionately large consequences. In fact, here’s how it helped one of my clients.


How To Avoid Half-Brain Decisions

A business owner seeking to replace his Operations Manager came to me for help. He realized that he had a track record of poor hiring decisions, yet he wasn’t sure if it was because he had unrealistic expectations or if something was wrong with his approach.

Examining management turnover, we deconstructed his previous five endeavors to recruit heads of departments. A pattern emerged.My client got overexcited about the prospect of solving his highest priority problem, i.e., filling the vacancy, each time he encountered a job candidate that confirmed to have experience in a specific area of interest to my client.

This reaction contributed to the premature development of an overly positive impression of each candidate every time that skewed his objectivity. With emotion clouding his judgment, he ignored important red flags.

I introduced my client to a high performance tool called TheSpirit Level that enabled him to make more effective decisions. By learning to use his whole mind (rational thought and emotions) instead of just half (emotions), he was able to recalibrate his thoughts and feelings, thus resulting in more balanced decisions.

After using the tool, the owner was able to proactively modify job descriptions, as well as the interview and hiring processes to ensure he addressed his emotional blind spots prior to making important decisions.

To begin making whole-brain decisions today, simply apply TheSpirit Level РHigh Performance Tool to your own challenges. Click here to download a copy of the instructions and the worksheet.

Let me know how it works for you!


If you could ask one question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be To ask yours, click on the link below.


Q. As an entrepreneur doing well in difficult times, I’m finding it tough to learn how to handle success. I’ve got a great business, a great (and growing!) family, a great home and a great car. Everything is great–so much that I feel bad that others don’t have what I do. How do I overcome guilt to enjoy what I’ve got?

A. I love your question because it highlights 3 important things:

    1. Even in rough times, there are plenty of people doing well thus, wealth does not disappear it just changes places;

    2. Money doesn’t put an end to all problems it merely creates a new set.

    3. Success is a lifelong process not a destination.

You’re making the assumption that other people value the same things that you do: the car, house, a big family, etc. Nothing could be further than the truth.

You live according to your values and your life demonstrates what matters to you. The same goes for everyone. People’s lives demonstrate what they value. Some prefer traveling to fancy cars or summer homes; others value discretionary time to working 80-hour weeks.

And many people prefer security to the higher risk tolerance that entrepreneurs demonstrate daily by putting their lives, businesses, and credit on the line with no one guarantees for success. So be kind to yourself, and develop appreciation and respect for diversity.

If you were to offer swapping lives with those whom you feel guilty towards, and they were fully aware of the risks and consequences that you face, I bet they’d turn you down. If they wanted to do what you are doing, they would but don’tbecause according to their values, life is good.

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!



The Spirit Level

Have your emotions ever clouded your judgment and resulted in poor decisions These energetic tsunamis can be devastating. Now you can make better, more balanced decisions in less than 15 minutes! Click here to see 6 simple steps to higher ground.

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