Nothing stimulates the taste buds more than a ripe, mouthwatering soft, succulent, yellow peach. I had as much juice in my mouth as I did all over my five-year-old face and hands. Fortunately, I was outdoors and out of sight of the hawk-eyed adults. Suddenly, one big bite exposed a fat, red, round pit smack in the center of my feast. Wonderstruck, my heart leaped with joy. Maybe, if I stuck it the ground the way Jack had sown his beans, I too would wake up the next day to a vine that reached into the heavens. I was game.

I dug up a hole in the garden and stuck the seed in the ground. Covering it up carefully with dirt, I ran indoors. Grabbing a kitchen chair in one hand, I noisily dragged it across the floor and climbed up to the sink. I selected a mug from the dish rack and filled it with water, climbed down the chair while carefully balancing the mug, and ran back out the door. Pouring what water was left in the mug over the freshly sown seed, I dusted myself off, proud of having done a good day’s work.

The next morning after breakfast, I raced out of the house in anticipation of finding my dream come true. Running around the house into the garden, I came to a sudden halt: to my dismay there was no peach vine. Incredulous, I dropped down on my bare knobby knees and tore through the earth to find the seed planted so carefully the day before. Sure enough, there it was. Silently, my heart sank. It doesn’t work, I thought. But as the world is filled with wonders for small kids, I quickly got up in search of my next adventure.

How many times do you find yourself getting impatient, setting unrealistic goals or perhaps underestimating what is involved to accomplish your dreams? My haste to realize my dream immediately made me dig up the seed to find out what was wrong with it. Instead, I found it still was there; I hadn’t given it the necessary time to germinate, grow and generate fruit. In my eagerness, I wasn’t willing to provide the nurturing it required.

This cycle, common to many people, first played out for me when I was five. Despite my best efforts, it’s been repeated many times since then. Here are the lessons that might help you achieve your dreams:

  1. Recognize the potential. Synonymous with finding a seed at the core of the peach, when you get a thought, receive an idea or spot an opportunity embrace its potential as life giving. Grab it, plant it, and protect it.

  2. Enjoy being in the moment. Give yourself permission to indulge in that which delights you. Savor your new idea, thought or opportunity just as I did that ripe peach in my story.

  3. Create realistic expectations to nurture your dreams. Don’t kill your joy with unrealistic expectations. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Make sure to nurture what you sow: metaphorically water it, weed it, prune it, and fertilize it so eventually you can reap the rewards of your patience and realize your aspirations.

The start of a new year brings the promise of new beginnings. How will you use these lessons to make sure you achieve YOUR dreams


Life Balance Begins With You


I was hired by a female executive who was on the threshold of burnout. She had worked an average of 12 hours per day for over 6 months following her company’s acquisition of a major competitor. Then summer came around.

Fully absorbed by the vertical integration of her company’s two brands, she had forgotten to plan vacation time. Consequently, when someone requested her presence for a meeting she verified availability in her calendar and confirmed. Suddenly, it was September and the world returned to work. By third quarter, her productivity had taken a nosedive and by quarter four, I became part of her new year’s resolution.

This is the perfect time to put the big rocks in first, I said, passing her a full year calendar. First, I recommended she book vacation time on the pristine calendar. Even if I don’t know where I’m going she asked? Precisely, I replied. Then, she blocked out family time to be with her parents, siblings or relatives. After that, she reserved personal time to do the things that made her soul sing like spending a weekend each quarter at the hot springs. Finally, she booked mental health days following the estimated completion of two big projects in the pipeline so she could decompress, rejuvenate, and get ready to start again.

She achieved her life balance goal while becoming a role model among her peers for high energy and productivity throughout the year. You too can welcome 2014 with greater vitality and enthusiasm, if you put your big rocks in first. Then, use that time as intended.

Word to the Wise: You don’t need to let anyone, including your company, know your business. Should someone propose a convention, meeting, lunch or dinner during a time you have blocked out for yourself, reply as you would for any other appointment: Sorry, I’m not available. I have a previous engagement. As a byproduct of making self-care your #1 priority, you’ll boost self-esteem, productivity, and quality of life. Now is the perfect time for you to begin: Download your full year calendar and put your big rocks in first!


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be? To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q: The threshold of a new year signals it’s time to renew subscriptions and memberships. However, many of these renewals represent information I think I might need one day. Continuing to accumulate information for which I may or may not have some future use has become an enormous energy drain. Although I realize I’m wasting my time, I find that I’m reluctant to let go. Can you help me?

A: Sure. We’re afraid, What if I unsubscribe to this newsletter and the very next one has that nugget that I’ve been waiting for Consider this: if you’ve been reading this newsletter for 10 years and you haven’t found it yet, what are the chances you will Similarly, my guess is that you never look at or remember you even have the stuff you stash away in folders. Jettison unrewarding things that have become an addiction, a habit or time wasters. Here are 3 things you can do right now to help you let go:

  1. Green light approach. Some people simply need to know that it’s okay to go ahead. If you belong to this group, I hereby give you permission to let go.

  2. Rational approach. For every subscription and membership, free or paid, virtual or live, answer two questions: If I canceled, what’s the worse thing that can happen? And, Can I live with that?

  3. Michelangelo approach. The Renaissance master claimed that his greatest masterpieces were already in the marble and that he simply freed them from the stone by removing what didn’t belong. If you already know your vision, mission or purpose, relentlessly dispose of everything that does not support, further or help you move forward.

Which approach will you choose? If the Michelangelo one speaks to you, contact me now to find out more about 2014 opportunities to discover your purpose!

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!



Crafting Goals You Truly Can’t Wait To Achieve


Do your goals inspire you to do your best work and to chip away at everything that stands in the way of achieving them? There’s an alternative to traditional goal setting that can turn you from a goal setter to a goal getter! Learn more including 5 reasons why it works!

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Your life is your masterpiece and its beating heart is purpose.

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I am 49, single, an entrepreneur and a mother. I was convinced that I didn’t have a romantic relationship because I have a child, I work too much, I weigh too much, etc. I felt bad, judged for the choices I made, and powerless to change the situation.
Thanks to Angie, I learned that I am the architect of my own reality. In fact, I chose not to have a relationship by channeling my energy into other areas of my life that are in alignment with my highest values.
Now I know that I have the power to make a different choice and act upon it when I choose to. By owning my decision, I feel happier, I feel stronger and in control of my life. I am grateful to Angie for opening my heart and mind to the power and greatness within me.

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