Navigate Your Crossroad With Bulls-Eye Focus



The Managing Director of a division of a third-generation large family construction business was in crisis. No longer happy doing what she did, she needed help navigating the crossroads of her career. She pondered the big all time question, “Do I stay or do I go?” Except this wasn’t about leaving any ordinary job or company – she felt she was deserting her own family. Wanting to move away from work that was no longer meaningful, she longed to gain a clear understanding of the path to follow next.




Through our deep dive work, we clarified what she felt she must have in order to be in integrity with her deepest self. Then we identified what mattered to her most, what she stood for, and what put light in her eyes. Finally, we unearthed what gave her life most meaning, a sense of purpose, and inspired her. As a result, we nailed her accurate strategic direction and she was ready to navigate the crossroads of her career.




Over the course of 4-6 weeks, she activated bull’s eye focus, which is a singular vision fueled by relentless determination. Her ability to effectively navigate the crossroads and uncharted terrain was directed by the clarity of her focus. With bold confidence, she:


  1. Found clarity, certainty, and confidence to go in a new inspiring business direction.
  2. Preserved healthy and strong family relationships.
  3. Ensured a smooth transition by identifying and priming her successor.
  4. Created synergy with the family holding group by starting another company within the industry.
  5. Developed her decision-making and negotiation skills to a whole new level.
  6. Boosted productivity by setting beneficial boundaries with others.
  7. Optimized her time, energy and resources.


As an entrepreneur conditioned to focus on the bottom line, she also stumbled upon the profound realization that “money is not the only source of freedom and reason to do business.”



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