Millions of stars suddenly burst into fine lines before disappearing at the speed of light. Following a 3-year odyssey on my quest for Greek citizenship, I felt my dream vanish in Athens as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pronounced its verdict:”We are sorry. You are not entitled to a passport as the child of a Greek mother.”

Impossible. How could my dream not come true?

Obtaining a Greek passport was not just the best way to move to Italy as a U.S. citizen–it was the only way.

I refused to give up. Relentlessly, I presented every reason under the sun why I believed I was entitled to citizenship: “My mother is Greek… my name is Greek… I speak, read, and write Greek… I am Greek Orthodox by birth.. I’ve lived and have assets in Greece…,” and the list went on. Then for the seventh time in two and a half years, I caught a cab to the airport and headed back to the United States.

Six months later, in New York City, I received a call telling me to bring $65 and three passport pictures to the Greek Embassy. My passport was ready.

I glanced at the closed circuit television camera that captured me on film as I signed the new document. I nervously wondered, “Is this a test of my integrity?” Who had approved the issuance of the passport.

I never asked for fear of exposing my unknown benefactor. My only regret was not knowing who to thank for helping me live my dream. I moved to Italy the following month.

The power of belief can move mountains. I’ve succeeded in doing so on multiple occasions. I’ve also assisted clients in moving their mountains. You can do the same. To get started, here are five “musts.” You have to:

  1. Want something badly enough to ensure success. Don’t set just any goal, pick what matters most.
  2. Find the “how” to succeed. It must make logical sense even if it’s never been done before. Be the first!
  3. Do what it takes. Persevere through relentless action.
  4. Find ways to keep your dream alive. Buying something weekly to add to the Italy Box I kept in my closet satisfied this must for me.
  5. Celebrate! Honoring your own accomplishments is immensely rewarding and enables you to enjoy the fruits of success.

If I ever had doubted the power of belief, I don’t anymore: the one with the most certaintywins. When you harness the power of belief…

You can move mountains.


How Beliefs Influence Reality


More often than not, I’ve held the space for clients by believing in them until they learned to believe in themselves.This was the case with a client I’ll call “Veronica.”

Veronica was tired of dedicating every ounce of energy to her business, of seeing but not being able to cross the finish line, and of longing for a romantic relationship that was nowhere in sight. Her state of mind was reflected in her unkempt physical appearance.

I listened to her tell her story, set a goal for herself, and finally ask for my feedback. After a pregnant pause, I told her she could do better. I pointed to her potential and raised the bar by proposing three stretch goalsinstead of one. She claimed that she couldn’t possibly reach that level of performance in such short time. I said, “Yes, you can.”

Victoria’s transformation was almost immediate.Sensing the vision I held for her she stated, I want to see myself the way you see me.” She quickly reframed “how” she experienced life’s challenges and went on to achieve great things including the romantic relationship of her dreams!

People really do rise to the level of expectations we set for them, demonstrating that their beliefs influence their reality.Are you fully exploiting your potential

Contact me to discuss how changing your beliefs can dramatically change your reality.


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q. What does it take to believe in yourself–when you don’t?

A. Sometimes it’s as simple as having someone believe in you the way I did with my client in the case study above and saying, “Yes, you can.”

Sometimes it takes someone verbally “giving you permission” to do what you haven’t allowed yourself to do.

Here’s another tip you can quickly apply yourself: imagine success. While experiencing this feeling, pretend you’re in the spotlight during a television interview with millions of spectators eager to learn from your example.Answer this reporter’s question:

“What three qualities do you attribute your success to?”

Scrape the bottom of the barrel to find the truth. Acknowledging your own unique qualities will increase your belief quotient dramatically.

Once off the set, identify what personal qualities, beliefs, or obstacles hinder your success today. Then decide what immediate action you will take to accelerate your progress in believing in yourself.

Let me know how you make out!

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!


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Believe you can change the world because…

You can.

Angie Katselianos

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