Make Bold Decisions For Aggressive Growth



The entrepreneur of an innovative tech and services company was experiencing a 24/7 state of worry because his company wasn’t growing fast enough to meet his personal needs. Driven by his sense of responsibility to give his rapidly growing family a bigger house, assist his aging in-laws with the purchase of a new home, and afford childcare so his wife could follow her dreams, he simply wasn’t earning enough. Mental pressure radically reduced his productivity and results. He had to regain confidence in the professional path he had chosen so he could take care of his family the way he wanted.




To enable him to increase productivity and results, we:

  • Uncovered his blind spots
  • Clarified the core issues keeping him stuck
  • Removed his emotional interference
  • Revealed a new perspective
  • Released habits and thoughts holding him back

This brought him to his “next level” of performance.




The entrepreneur was able to cut through mental clutter and obstacles that had been limiting him and his outcomes. He achieved:

  • 400% growth annual
  • Complete confidence in bold decision-making
  • Company expansion through venture capital investors



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