Several years ago, I had an epiphany. I dreamt I was in a quiet and secluded garden in the shade. Before me stood an aged, chest-high, dark oak barrel filled with crisp cool water.

Mysteriously drawn to the cask, I leaned forward to peek inside. Several specks of smooth silver silt sat undisturbed at the bottom. The water was so clean and transparent it looked as filtered as if in an aquarium. Its freshness compelled me to drink. I picked up a nearby tin mug and held it over the barrel. As I concentrated my attention and every ounce of energy on my desire to drink, a strand of water suddenly and magically rose from the barrel and filled my cup as if it were being poured from an invisible faucet. I was ecstatic.

“I just witnessed spirit in action!” I cried. The water was delicious. I drank bottoms up.

Boldly, I held the mug over the barrel again. Practicing presence, I became one with the life sustaining source and willed the water to fill my cup. Joyfully, I watched as the cup was filled anew.

Awakening from the dream, I realized that I could magically access this water at will simply by showing up daily in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing. By making a daily ritual of aligning my expectations with attention and action for a desired outcome. I could ensure that spirit is perpetually “on tap!”

Spirit and inspire originate from the Latin words spiritus and inspirare; both come from the same root word spirare, which means “breathe” or spirit. Practically, to be inspired means to be ‘in spirit.’ An invisible force awakens and rises within: animated it begins to breathing through us compelling us to create or become creative.

In ancient Greece, Socrates taught that throughout his life, every person is accompanied by a daemon. When this tutelary spirit or inspiring force possesses them, mortal beings accomplish extraordinary and heroic deeds. Each of us engages in daily routine actions. However, as an occasion manifests in any given moment, the daemon may inspire greatness by breathing into our souls.

There is a fundamental difference between
the things you do daily and
the things you do only
when the spirit moves you!

This difference is awe-inspiring. Most routine or daily activities involve the body and sometimes the mind as well. When the spirit moves you, it engages your entire being: body, mind and spirit.

Why is this difference important? If you are like most people, the things you do daily are ordinary. Repetition can cause these tasks to become exhausting, leaving you feeling empty. When the spirit moves you, however, your energy becomes regenerative. Instead of feeling worn out, you achieve with pleasure. Stardust is everywhere. The results of your labor are extraordinary. Having spirit move you daily signifies that you experience this magic and accomplish extraordinary results.

There is a way for the spirit to move you daily.

Instead of waiting for the spirit to move you, become pro-active. To optimize results, acknowledge what moves the spirit, then align your intent, focus and activity with your source of inspiration. When you nourish your spirit, it nourishes you. Your reward for establishing this flow: inspiration on tap.

Each New Year brings the promise of the future as we look forward with optimism to begin anew with a clean slate. How will you make sure that 2015 becomes your best year ever? How will you achieve different and greater results? How will you improve your business to reflect your desired lifestyle?

Here are three essential steps to help you draw spirit on draft daily so you feel energized and increase your productivity, joyfulness and well-being:

  1. Find your well. When does your spirit show up for you? Identify what inspires you. This is your wellspring or water source.
  2. Hold out your cup. How badly do you want to drink ? Create an expectation that truly matters, and you will find a way to achieve it.
  3. Act with firm intent. What do you want to achieve ? Make showing up daily to accomplish your intent a non-negotiable ritual. Don’t surrender till your cup is filled and your thirst is quenched.


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All are called but
few are chosen
because we
choose ourselves.

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