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If my father could only see me now: lying down, legs spread apart, and alone in a handicraft shop in India during a full moon with a man from Kashmir. I had consented to participate in a healing session with the store owner-healer, and I didn’t have the foggiest idea about what to expect. Since birth, my insatiable curiosity has led me to explore new frontiers, which gave my poor father a run for his money. I’m sure he was rolling in his grave tonight.

As I laid with anticipation on the Afghan rug with eyes wide shut, thoughts flung across my mind like a scoring pinball machine. Without notice, Raja suddenly struck his mallet against the Himalayan Bowl next to my right ear, detonating an ocean of explosive harmonic sound waves across my brain. The cosmic symphony orchestra had begun.

Five hand-hammered brass bowls rang like thunderous bells next to each ear and the top of my head, while the vibrations from the two bowls on my torso deeply penetrated my solar plexus and heart chakras. I experienced this rich blend of harmonic sound frequencies not only not only through my ears but through every cell in my body. Every strike of a bowl fell like a stone in a still pond, propagating waves of expanding concentric circles that overlapped into one sumptuous sound bath. My mind and body instantly felt centered.

Was I healing Only very slowly I hoped because if it were up to me I’d gleefully soak in this sound bath till the end of time. Thanks to Raja’s generosity, these sessions are how I spent the next consecutive seven evenings in Kovalam. By the way: although Raja doesn’t accept money for healings, one may purchase beautiful gifts from his shop, Raja Arts. Yesterday, over a cappuccino, my Yoga buddy in Milan said, Wow! I wish I could do something like that! She really meant it.

What is it that you truly wish for Do you wish you could change jobs? Do you aspire to a Ph.D. Or perhaps you secretly covet discovering a cause to which you can dedicate the rest of your life. To pursue your dreams, you must have the fortitude to step away from whatever you’re doing now and overcome fears such as:

  • I can’t do this or I can’t do that…

  • I can’t afford it

  • I can’t be gone from my business for two weeks!

  • What if my dream falls short of my expectations?

  • What if people think less of me because of what I choose to do during this time?

For many entrepreneurs, stepping off the corporate treadmill was the dream. Unfortunately, as many of us discovered, we often recreate that lifestyle for ourselves in our own businesses. What my two-week sojourn in India taught me is that it’s just as important to step off our own treadmill, as it was the corporate one. More importantly, for those who stepped off the hamster wheel once and don’t think they can do it again, I learned how absolutely necessary it is for your well-being and perhaps the success of your business.

My two weeks in India felt like two years in a good way! Although I’m back at base, metaphorically I’m still traveling. I don’t know where I’m going yet. I just know I’m going. I’ve got things to share. What does that picture look like? I don’t know yet. But I know I will create it in due time.

What’s your wish? Share it with me. Sometimes just the act of giving voice to what you desire is sufficient to goad you to action.


Focus On Value: The Ultimate Approach For Showcasing Your Talent

I was hired by a Senior Project Manager who was preparing to move on to greener pastures after working for the same Fortune 100 company for over 15 years. His goal was to maximize his annual salary doing work that he loved. He wanted to ensure that his resume successfully conveyed growth, talent and potential to prospective employers.

Focus on value as opposed to tasks, job descriptions or number of years, I advised, reviewing his CV. But first, get clear about what you really want from your next job.

We began to clarify his intent by refining his job and search goals. We used this information to produce a powerful purpose statement for his CV that served as the head of an arrow so he wasn’t simply shooting sticks during his hunt for meaningful and financially rewarding work.

Next, we defined his contributions to his company, including internal and external customers, inserting those outcomes in place of the mundane descriptions of his roles and responsibilities. This substitution enabled him to showcase the value he had provided, which transformed the CV from a passive account of work history to an active and attractive ad, which lured readers to devour every last word.

Our focus on value enabled my client to appreciate the importance of his own contributions, a discovery that radically boosted his self-worth, confidence and certainty. Fortified by his newfound direction, my client’s job search resulted in three offers. After assertively negotiating the terms and conditions that he desired, he accepted a position with his first choice employer.

Writing a resume that is centered on outcomes rather than on activities is infinitely more valuable both in terms of aiding your job search and in thinking through what you really want. The results will speak for themselves.


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be? To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q: I have a general tendency to worry, which hijacks my focus and taxes my productivity. What causes a rational and sensible person to torment one’s self and how do I stop doing this?

A: Worrying is a habit caused when you are not present in the moment (read that again!). The antidote for conquering trepidation is awareness. Here’s how to create this awareness and break the habit by replacing the dysfunctional behavior with a functional one:

When you feel yourself starting to worry, identify your concern’s timeframe: is it in the past, present or future You’ll discover that even though you worry in the present, the object of your concern is something that already has occurred, or something that you anticipate could occur. The past is gone and beyond your control. What you did or could have done is irrelevant since you cannot change it. The future is imaginary it’s not real or actual.

The only thing that matters and is real is the present moment. The future is created in the present. The only way to influence what lies ahead is through the choices, decisions and actions you make today.

What took place in the past also occurred in the present of the past. To overcome your worry, let go of the thought that takes you to yesterday or tomorrow so you can step back into now where you’ll realize that you have everything you need for wellbeing.

Making it a regular practice to center yourself in the present moment produces an exponential effect that improves your well-being, productivity and future outcomes. Try it and let me know how this technique works for you. I think you will find the results astonishing.

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!



During my trip to India last month, I met and worked with a Yogi whose powerful teachings have changed my life? probably forever. My mission was to overcome an imminent, internal and profoundly disturbing psychological natural disaster. My subconscious proposed this cataclysmic event as a 66-story tidal wave in a dream. Suresh taught me to how to trust, surrender, and let go helping me rediscover my inner solid foundation.

You don’t have to go to India to experience the benefit of Suresh’s teachings in your life. Even if his 90-day European Tour is nearly sold-out, he still has places left for the following:


Helsing’r, Denmark. Retreat for Yoga Teachers/Advanced

April 19-21 Practitioners
Fee: 1600 DKK

Voldenborg, Denmark. Residential Retreat (Open to All)
May 31-2
Fee: 3300 DKK (incl. 2 nights single accommodation and dinner)

Paris, France. One-on-One 1-Hour Sessions Only
May 22-27 (Highly recommended!)
Fee: 30 Euro


To grab these last seats or learn more, contact Suresh.

I have no financial interest in presenting Suresh. I’m merely sharing an uncommon discovery and experience that I hope might benefit your life, as much as it did mine.

What form is your natural disaster or self-doubt Mine was a tsunami and I’ve never been more surf-ready than I am today!

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“Freedom comes to those who have the courage to open and follow their heart.”

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When I met Angie in India, I asked her what she does professionally. She replied, I help people to improve their lives This statement irritated me but at the same time it made me curious. After over 10 years of psychotherapy and coaching, and a brief session with her, I can already say that I am extremely impressed! I always thought that everything is a long-long process and it takes years to evolve to where you want to be, or to overcome things that have happened in the past. Angie has convinced me of the complete opposite! I now have a different attitude and do not take things too personally. The way Angie goes to things is the opposite of no pain-no gain we all learnt so far. Today, I am convinced that under the proper guidance so much is possible in a very short time. I cannot wait to resume work with her on issues I’ve been eager to address for a long time.

Angela Geck
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