Fuel Innovation With Purpose and Passion



After a brilliant 10-year career in the art industry and taking time off to get married and start a family, the founder and CEO of a luxurious jewelry brand was struggling to launch a start up business. She was uninspired and unmotivated. Coming from a wealthy family and having married into wealth, money was never scarce so it wasn’t her key driver. Furthermore, she viewed what she was doing wasn’t “important enough” in the greater scheme of things. Feeling powerless despite an impressive track record of success, the CEO sought to rediscover the energy and enthusiasm to launch her business.




We followed a three-step formula that enabled her to move forward in a way that was impactful and effective. Adhering to specific guidelines, she created her value inventory. This provided direction by helping her recognize her reasons for living. She articulated what constituted a life worth living, a legacy, which boosted her drive. Finally, she identified a cause she was willing to get behind that made a difference in the world unleashing her audacious determination.



Energized, the CEO rapidly readjusted and realigned her course from “not important enough” to “very meaningful and significant.” Consequently, she:

  • Created an innovative solution to a challenging problem.
  • Switched to a socially responsible brand.
  • Developed value for all stakeholders.
  • Became a leading international force attracting aggressive offers to buy her out.
  • Sold her company for a massive profit.
  • Made a major social and global contribution.
  • Became a force for change.


Here’s what hasn’t changed:  she carries on fueling innovation with purpose and passion.



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