Find Your Lost Edge To Conquer The Competition



The CEO of a telecommunications service provider wanted to up his game so he could lead his business through its next evolution of growth. Despite an extended “rest and recovery” interval after a prolonged period of operating at peak performance, he discovered what worked before no longer worked. It was clear to him that what propelled his extraordinary level of success was not enough to get him to the next level. Unable to “switch off” and recharge mentally, he continued to carry the responsibility, stress and weight of former decisions. Feeling vulnerable, he was at a standstill and stuck. It was imperative to find his lost edge and get back on track so he could lead his company to the forefront of this highly competitive industry.




Through Platinum’s proprietary approach, we discovered the foundation of his driving force. Upon realizing his true motivations, this Chief Executive made a revolutionary decision to make self-care his #1 priority. Putting himself before the business, and even family and social duty, he turned his world around by:

  • Prioritizing physical exercise to replacing mental fatigue
  • Taking regular breaks rather than relying purely on night rest for mental rejuvenation
  • Clarifying his needs so his spouse and kids easily understood and respected them
  • Keeping regular business hours and putting an end to late work nights
  • Making time for fun without foregoing his commitments
  • Implementing a strategy to know when to say “no”

Furthermore, we eliminated the internal conflicts and dramatically increased his confidence by finding his lost edge.



Over the course of 90-days, the CEO resumed his place at the helm of the company and issued his marching orders of the new vision for the leadership team. In the first year, annual revenue nearly doubled and his company’s growth trajectory has continued to multiply by no less than 40% annually. He now had the energy and time to focus on strategic revenue generating activities and creative growth ideas. Back on track with a sharpened edge, he was free from the tactical thinking and worrying about the day-to-day issues. This enabled the organization to concentrate on the big picture and make bold and aggressive decisions that fueled its growth.



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