Years ago, I was headhunted for an executive position in a financial services multinational based in Rome. The local customer service team was recruited only weeks before I came on board.

My progressive leadership style was in contrast to the conventional top down approach in Italian business. A month later, for reasons not germane to work, I was pulling screeching staff out of my hair like monkeys.

Don’t allow people to give you their monkeys. Respect, responsibility, and boundaries are universal. These codes of behavior have survived the test of time dating back to the earliest stages of social development in ethnic tribes.

Consequently, don’t buy into the diversity factor — I’ve lived, worked or broken bread with people in 50+ countries around the world. Whether you’re dealing with an ill-mannered, spoiled or guileful person seeking a free ride — push back. Name the monkey and reassign it to its owner.

You’ll find the “monkey” syndrome especially common in personal and familial relationships (less in social ones since we tend to be more lenient with friends we choose who, by definition, support our values).

Few things free up mental and emotional space like blowing the whistle to set the record straight and realign (or go separate ways!). Unless you choose to be the zookeeper, beg the question being ignored: “Whose monkeys?”


How To Ignite Your Infinite Potential ~

I was introduced to an entrepreneur who transformed a $100 thousand dollar investment in a waning company into a $6 million dollar business in twelve years. Building wealth, he claimed, was his primary aim.

A global traveller and citizen, with 16-hour days behind him, he found himself at a crossroads choose the country club lifestyle or grow the business to the next level. The former, he explained, allowed him to enjoy the fruits of his labor while the latter required a hefty investment and restarting the merry-go-round. Frankly, he wasn’t sure he had the energy or desire.

I questioned what he was worried about. He replied candidly that if he didn’t stand guard in his own palace, he feared that growth would eventually slow down and go in reverse causing him to lose it all. Since the stakes were high, fear consumes energy at an alarming rate, and our beliefs shape our reality, we partnered to solve his dilemma.

Once he connected with his WHY, and grasped his WHY’s connection with what he had built, he suddenly saw the forest for the trees — he recognized the true industry he served — the actual business he was in — and who his real clients were.

He realized that his business was the foundation and vehicle for achieving his vision and immortality by creating immeasurable value and material prosperity beyond his lifetime. In awe, he affirmed that even if he won $500 million dollars nothing could stop him from achieving his vision and living legacy.

I’ll never get tired of saying, “It’s never about the money.” Money is EFFECT — Find CAUSE: Discover your WHY to ignite your infinite potential. It’s the path to riches beyond your wildest imagination.


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be? To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q. I’ve been dating an amazing woman for two years, and believe I’m ready to make the ultimate step by proposing marriage. In your view, what’s the secret to a successful lifetime commitment?

A. For starters, marriage isn’t the final step–it’s the first. Only the wedding is an event. Marriage is a lifelong practice and process.

You’ll soon discover that many things change as you enter this new phase in your life. Finances become more complicated, responsibilities become more complicated, and decisions become more complicated. This is why successful relationships require honing communication skills, partnering skills, teamwork and a boatload of other skills as well.

Yet, there is one essential quality, which can’t be taught or learnt that makes the difference between those who fail, and those who succeed. Simply said, it’s commitment. If you believe you are ready to accept your partner as your test of unconditional love, go ahead. It’s counterintuitive, still when you love someone for who they are, they become who you want them to be.

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!



The Power of Passionate Leadership

What does it take for organizations to triumph? It starts with passionate leadership. But how can you tap into your passion on a daily basis, and infuse it across your organization to overcome even the toughest challenges.

Listen to this 15-min interview by Pamela S. Harper, business author and CEO of Business Advancement Inc. as Angie Katselianos reveals what passion really is — and isn’t.


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How you define what you seek determines where you look, which influences your success in finding it.”

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