I was quite pleased following the launch of Platinum Success MIndset last month. That is, until I realized I may have goofed.I opted to send one email instead of two by including a message above the newsletter that described how excited I was to share value.

I was thrilled when past clients connected with me in Linked In. I assumed they had read and approved of the quality of the newsletter’s content. Then, I spoke with a client that congratulated me on the launch and said, I look forward to receiving the inaugural issue!

Sometimes no sooner than we finish something we claim, I did it! and consider it done and gone. The point is, we do things for a purpose that is not always achieved upon task completion. Clarity about your why? and the proper metrics allow you to accurately measure progress toward important business and personal goals.

Failure to do so results in lost opportunity. Until you strike target, adopt the mindset that everything is a test. Everything. To view the inaugural issue, click here.


How to Stay In Charge During Stormy Times

I consulted with an executive who was concerned about being made redundant following his organization’s announcement to downsize. Fear was clouding his judgment and immobilizing him. He described it felt as though he were rapidly headed toward dangerous waterfalls while white water rafting out of control.

We replaced his image: He was weathering a storm on his favorite chartered sailboat but he knew the territory, this yacht was in perfect condition, and he had proven experience. On the horizon, he saw a major island and knew that was where to go to find safe haven. His family was with him for support, and he was in constant contact with the charter company. Most importantly, storms are passing never permanent.

Revived, he defined his options and produced a plan resuming control. At times when you must stay in charge, fear is your greatest foe. Drop it like a lead cloak off your shoulders. Select your focus and take the helm.


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be? To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q: How can I control my anger so it doesn’t impair important relationships?

A: Channel it. When you see trouble on the horizon, decide in advance that your strategy includes suspending response in the moment. Advise the other party that you will reply when you can address the issue with the appropriate attention.When ready, approach circumstances with the proactive power of reason not the reactive magnetic force of emotions.

The best way to simulate the actual event is to deliver your talk in front of groups of people. This can be as easy as scheduling a presentation during lunchtime for five divisions a week in exchange for serving lunch afterwards.Also contact local organizations, associations, universities, special interest or service club groups such as the Chamber of Commerce that may benefit from the value you provide, and offer to speak to their members. If you would like help with this or any aspect of your preparation, I invite you to contact me for further information.

To learn how to transform emotions into high-octane fuel in three simple steps, listen to my interview on Blog Talk Radio

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!


Activate The Force Within:Galvanizing Your Inner Genius

July 14-15 Milan, Italy

I am offering an amazing opportunity limited to no more than four people who wish to galvanize their inner genius in this two-day total immersion experience at my home.

You will accomplish in only two days outcomes that take some people years, or even a lifetime to achieve and that most never attempt at all!

Recently, a previous client said, I’ve gotten enormous clarity,certainty,and self-confidence. This experience compares to getting an educational degree except you make an enormous leap in internal knowledge not external. It lifts myself as an individual to a new level… it’s like getting a being me.

I urge you to consider your participation if you’re purpose-seeker, you know that you have options but are vacillating or you realize that the speed at which the world is changing is forcing you to consider change & make mid-course corrections.

You will walk away with the blueprint of your self, your keystone purpose, and much more.I am not taking more than 4 people. You may be one of the lucky four, if you hurry.So, if you’re interested in going to where very few have gone before, enroll now.

What would your life be like, if you could galvanize your inner genius? More info

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Think about how many people you can help with your value. That is your legacy.

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Angie has a unique talent for comforting the discomforted & discomforting the comforted. She’s a straight shooter who enables maximum development in an environment of trust. Her timing in harvesting my readiness was laser-swift making it painless and unanticipated. By working with her, I’ve changed my perceived potential and output to unexpected heights. My discovery of new talents and current speed of implementation is unprecedented!.”

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