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Did you ever think you could injure your body standing completely still? I didn’t. Recently, that changed. Standing perfectly still, I literally felt the muscle in my back split like a tissue you poke a finger in.

Skeptical, I reached out to a peer who’s a respected doctor in the United States.

I pulled a muscle standing still, I said. Is that evenpossible

Yes.she replied. You can pull a muscle just thinking. Motor activity is a response to what’s in your sensory experience.

Then she reminded me of our mentor’s teachings, “Injury is the jury from within.”

Speechless with wonder, I pondered my boardroom accident. I was consulting with a private VIP client in a five-star hotel that weekend. Mentally, I was wrestling with the client who had left the room when I got injured.

Behold the power of the mind. Pay heed to its effects on the body.

When we think of fitness, we think of being physically fit and healthy. But mental fitness is as important, if not more. To avoid self-inflicted injury, we must keep body and mind equally strong and healthy. Be careful what you believe, think, and feed your mind.


Celebrating Barely Possible “Wins”

I consulted with a Fortune 100 company in Italy that was seeking advice on how to solve a strategic issue. Technically, the organization attracted the best talent in the marketplace. However, globalization demanded a bilingual workforce to drive innovation. Traditional English language training had proved not only to be unattractive, but ineffective as well for the company’s adult learners.

Focusing on the workforce instead of the language issue, I assisted more than 180 knowledge workers, over the course of three years, to establish the true reason they wanted to learn English. Consequently, it had nothing to do with the employer’s desire for them to learn English.

The company achieved both its short- and long-term goals, and so did theemployees.No one will ever be motivated by anything other than his or her own values. Period. Motivation is intrinsic, which is the reason that most incentive programs fail.Find your realwhy, for any given goal. You’ll soon be celebrating wins you barely imagined possible.


If you could ask one question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be? To ask yours, click on the link below.


Q. I’m dating someone who can’t keep up with the different versions of the “truth” he tells me. I really like him and had high hopes that he “might be the one” but I can’t trust someone who is dishonest. Is there any chance I could break his habit And if so, how?

A.Your question concerns a romantic relationship. Since the answer applies to the human condition, consider its applicability universal. At the root of every lie is fear, not dishonesty. Fear of causing more negatives than positives, more loss than gain,more pain than pleasure to self or others through voicing the “truth.”

To address the matter, focus on cause, not effect. Is your partner slanting the truth because:

  • Low esteem is causing him to feel like he’s “not enough” (pain)

  • He’d rather avoid your anger (negative)

  • His values incompatible with yours yet, he doesn’t want to give you up (loss)

If your core values are incompatible, then that justifies ending the relationship. Relational growth pains, on the other hand, represent an opportunity to jointly graduate to your next level of growth.

Try this approach: Invite your partner to a heart-to-heart conversation. The goal is for you both to agree to desired new behaviors. Formulate a respectful request by describing:

    1. how you feel about the behavior

    2. the specific behavior that bothers you

    3. what you want to see happen next time

    4. a specific consequence, if the behavior persists (optional).

Example: “I feel betrayed when you tell me you’re staying home to work in the evening, and I find that you were out with friends. I want you to have the courage to be yourself by being forthright. If what you say is incongruent with what you do, I can’t afford to be your partner.”

Communication and understanding the difference between fear and dishonesty will help you get to the heart and truth of the matter, in this relationship and in any other.To learn more about truths and lies, read this month’s feature article!

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!



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At the root of every lie is fear, not dishonesty.”

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