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Once I joined the most respected dive tribe in the world, those trained by the Israelis, I felt inspired to practice my water skills and stamina even during sailing holidays. My husband, who has free-dived (i.e., dived underwater relying only on the power of his lungs) regularly to depths of 25 meters (82 ft.) for over 30 years, was the perfect coach. The still and clear waters of the Turkish coast near Kas were the ideal place to stretch my abilities.

From the surface, I studied the 10-meter (33 ft.) target my husband set below as I tried to feed my lungs with air in preparation for the plunge. I had passed this test during professional certification training, but it required tremendous practice. Swimming away from the surface without an oxygen tank was a mental challenge. Suddenly, at the bottom of the sea, a flash of sunlight reflected off the smooth shiny surface of a small metallic object. Buried between the black blades of the Mediterranean weeds, I spotted the unmistakably bright yellow luster of gold.

Look at that! I said, talking through my snorkel.

Wow. Go for it, he said.

You’ve got to be kidding, that’s way beyond the target. How deep is that? I asked.

Probably twelve or thirteen meters (40-43 ft.). You can do it, he said. It seemed deeper but I did trust him.

Although the possibility of consuming the oxygen in my lungs before resurfacing terrified me, I coaxed myself to go for gold. Then, equalizing the pressure in my mask, I descended in the aquatic realm. My efforts were rewarded when I recovered a solid gold hoop earring. I couldn’t believe that I had torpedoed past my boundaries, beckoned by the gold that symbolized the pursuit of excellence. No sooner had I reached the surface than I spotted its mate lying even deeper.

Do you see what I see? I yelled with sheer excitement.

Nope, my husband lied.

Since I couldn’t ask him to get what he couldn’t see, I plunged in again, pushing my limits even further. Diving for the gold, I hit a new record in my free diving and, thanks to my husband’s great coaching, I also became the new owner of a gold pair of earrings my medal for reaching levels of new personal achievement!

In essence, I saw something that piqued my curiosity; it looked like something I valued, and someone who I trusted and knew my limits encouraged me to go for it. I wouldn’t have gone down to that depth had Giorgio not pushed me to do so. Having someone I trust who has done that before challenge me to test my limits enabled me to overcome my strong fear of running out of air.

Think about your employees, team members or your kids. How can you enable them to move beyond their perceived limits, whether it is to further their goals and/or to help you further your goals It may be as simple and rewarding as diving for gold.


Choosing A Life Of Purpose

The seasoned executive who hired me was seeking inspiration to make mid-course corrections in her life. She believed that she was put on this earth for a greater purpose than simply being a good person. At the same time, she was afraid of the consequences of such an important discovery: what if she didn’t like her purpose and the changes it implied?

I recommended we address her challenge in two parts. First, I asked her to assess the value of embarking on this quest. She defined the ways she believed her life would improve as a result of finding a deeper purpose. I also requested that she define, to the same degree of detail, what her life would be like if she did nothing. Then I asked her to choose between the two options her responses had generated:

    1. If the pain of regret or maintaining the status quo exceeded the challenge of finding solutions to living her purpose in ways that delight her, proceed with finding purpose.

    2. If the pain was less than the challenge, focus time and attention on matters of greater value to her.

Not surprisingly, she opted to find purpose because it’s impossible not to. Purpose defines your highest value and is where you find significance and meaning. It’s your greatest love and the passion, which never dies. She has a full plate now and she’s utterly enjoying the feast.


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be? To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q: I’ve been invited to represent our company at an international conference by speaking to about 900 people. I want to be well prepared as this may be a career defining presentation for me as well. Can you suggest how many times I should practice before I actually give my talk?

A: To be well prepared, practice is not enough. I’ve seen executives practice speeches over and over again in private, but they never delivered them in front of a live audience. As a result, they turned to stone when they stepped out on stage for the real event. To prevent this from happening to you, once you’ve got your speech down cold, you must simulate the event itself. This will reduce the impact of the environment and improve your mental preparedness so you can maintain focus on your message, presentation and audience.

The best way to simulate the actual event is to deliver your talk in front of groups of people. This can be as easy as scheduling a presentation during lunchtime for five divisions a week in exchange for serving lunch afterwards.Also contact local organizations, associations, universities, special interest or service club groups such as the Chamber of Commerce that may benefit from the value you provide, and offer to speak to their members. If you would like help with this or any aspect of your preparation, I invite you to contact me for further information.

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!



Why Your Mind Doesn’t Want You to Succeed

Discover the primary function of the mind and why it erects barriers to your success. To find if this happening to you view these 5 mind-generated obstacles now!


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Angie, your keynote and workshop sold out two years in a row increasing members engagement. Your original stories, humor, and techniques simplified the complex topic of Emotional Intelligence inspiring the participants personal and professional growth. You met and exceeded a demanding audience’s expectations leaving them wanting more. Thank you for partnering with us before, during, and after the event making our annual conference a memorable success.”

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