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Two months ago during my trip to India, I had a physical experience that triggered a transformational insight into the power of the mind-body connection. One morning during my yoga practice, the Yogi Suresh guided me into a spinal twist. Left palm on right shoulder, right arm behind me, with every breath exhaled I rotated to the right as my feet remained firmly planted on the ground.

Upon the completion of breath one I was facing 3 o’clock, breath two 5 o’clock, breath three 7 o’clock, breath four 9 o’clock. The Exorcist!! I gasped at my unexpected flexibility. The Yogi grinned. Then using his arm across my chest as a lever, he gave me one final twist, bringing my spine to 10 o’clock – an astonishing 80% rotation of my body (please don’t try this alone, or without a trained supervisor)!

Suddenly I felt a pop in my lower back as a bubble of energy released by my contorted position reached the surface of my skin. Probing my back, my fingertips felt the area instantly flare up with thousands of tiny pulsing burning pinheads. Yet two Ayurveda treatments, a vegetarian diet, and twenty-four hours later, the rash was gone.

Over breakfast the next day, I reflected on how I had wrung my spinal column as though it were a wet towel squeezing out the excess moisture. Savoring the flavor of fresh ripe orange papaya laced with lime, I celebrated another win on my health’s scoreboard. I was grateful for the privilege of making an annual pilgrimage across the world to cleanse my body, mind and consciousness of the toxins that prevent me from living the life I dream of.

How many times have you parked? a problem, conflict or challenge because you didn’t have the desire, knowledge or time to deal with it How often have you postponed handling matters until circumstances changed so that making a decision or taking action became a moot point Whenever you can’t or won’t address the things that generate mental and emotional distress for you, a toxin is born.

Because of the mind-body connection, unprocessed toxic thoughts and emotions sink into the subconscious and find ways to nestle in our bodies. Over time, these poisons become rooted in our organism, biding their time in anticipation of manifesting in our physiology one day in ways that endanger our health and well-being and by extension, harming our families and our businesses.

As enterprising executives and entrepreneurs, we can safeguard our health, feel good, and perform better by promptly addressing the toxins in our lives. Setting up a routine practice for processing, recycling or eliminating mental and emotional waste takes less effort than you might think. Moreover, such a regular practice can actually support your core values by generating unpredicted personal, social and/or professional benefits.

Here are four suggestions for regularly eliminating the toxins in your life:

  1. Participate regularly in a support group. Join a mastermind group or select a handful of individuals you trust and respect, and consult with them often. Allow them to provide support and constructive feedback.

  2. Exercise regularly. Engage frequently in individual and/or group activities to reduce tension and stress. Side benefits include a different perspective and renewed energy.

  3. Schedule well-being time for yourself. Make self-care your #1 priority by booking a massage, adjustment or day spa on the same day and time each week.

  4. Invest in professional assistance. Transformational experts are masters at helping people recycle mental and emotional waste into renewable sources of energy that fuel perpetual growth.

Which choice appeals to you? Pick one from the above list, or create your own ritual. Instead of tabling your decision, choose now which option or combination of alternatives represents your preferred course of action. Write it in your calendar right now. For the sake of your health, performance, and family, honor this commitment faithfully, just as you would a client appointment.

If you or anyone you know needs or could benefit from working with a transformational expert like me, I’d like to hear from you. Please don’t keep me a secret!




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