Classic Client Results

Discover Your Next Big Thing And Make It Happen


Challenge The founder and president of a well-established professional services firm came to me feeling restless and bored. He wanted to take his life off cruise control and exit the box he had made for himself. With twenty-five productive years still ahead, he sensed he was on a quest to do something greater but was not able to see it clearly. He needed help navigating and creating what’s next. Read More


Fuel Innovation With Purpose And Passion


Challenge.  After a brilliant 10-year career in the art industry and taking time off to get married and start a family, the founder and CEO of a luxurious jewelry brand was struggling to launch a start up business. She was uninspired and unmotivated. Coming from a wealthy family and having married into wealth, money was never scarce so it wasn’t her key driver. Furthermore, she viewed what she was doing wasn’t “important enough” in the greater scheme of things. Feeling powerless despite an impressive track record of success, the CEO sought to rediscover the energy and enthusiasm to launch her business. Read More


Find Your Lost Edge To Conquer The Competition


ChallengeThe CEO of a telecommunications service provider wanted to up his game so he could lead his business through its next evolution of growth. Despite an extended “rest and recovery” interval after a prolonged period of operating at peak performance, he discovered what worked before no longer worked. Unable to “switch off” and recharge mentally, he continued to carry the responsibility, stress and weight of former decisions. Feeling vulnerable, he was at a standstill and stuck.  Read More


Make Bold Decisions For Aggressive Growth


Challenge. The entrepreneur of an innovative tech and services company was experiencing a 24/7 state of worry because his company wasn’t growing fast enough to meet his personal needs. Driven by his sense of responsibility to give his rapidly growing family a bigger house, assist his aging in-laws with the purchase of a new home, and afford childcare so his wife could follow her dreams, he simply wasn’t earning enough. Read More


Navigate Your Crossroad With Bulls-Eye Focus


Challenge.  The Managing Director of a division of a third-generation large family construction business was in crisis. No longer happy doing what she did, she needed help navigating the crossroads of her career. She pondered the big all time question, “Do I stay or do I go?” Except this wasn’t about leaving any ordinary job or company – she felt she was deserting her own family. Read More


Springboard Success Through Unseen Opportunities


Challenge. Having achieved aggressive growth for nearly two decades, and creating a high seven-figure business, this successful entrepreneur of a US-based manufacturing company was at a turning point. His dilemma was whether to take the business to its next level of growth or to set it on cruise control and enjoy the fruits of his labor. His concern was that eventually, he risked losing everything and having to one day start over again. Read More



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