The greatest tools for your success are already embedded within you. Yet few know of their existence, and even fewer know how to apply them. Self-Growth Acceleratoris one of these built-in tools.

Based on two noted principles, the reflective principle and principle of sympathetic vibration, Self-Growth Accelerator is a highly individualized, extremely powerful system that promotes lifelong learning and growth. Not least, it automatically tells you what you must learn next, and doesn’t require upgrades!

How does it work contributing to your success?

According to the reflective principle “any trait or characteristic you see in another person, you have yourself, otherwise you couldn’t recognize it.” The Self Growth Accelerator is signaling your readiness to “own” this trait in order to reach your next level of growth. Owning the trait is as simple as applying this 4-step process:

  1. Select. Think about someone you deeply admire.
  2. Specify. Pick the attribute that resonates with you most.
  3. Examine. Ask yourself, “In the present, near or distant past, where haveI demonstrated this traitandwho saw it
  4. Acknowledge. Give yourself a point for each witness you come up with. Keep a tally of your score and continue looking until you recognize that you have 100% of the same quality as the person you admire.

Your window of opportunity to claim ownership of these qualities opens she you ‘spot’ them in other people. Identifying who has seen you demonstrate these qualities enables you to ‘own’ those traits and take action from the place of having them.

Imagine recognizing these qualities in yourself in just a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to years, which in turn provides you with the readiness to tackle your most inspiring goals! If you aspire to:

  • Become the next CEO in your company
  • Thrive by securing business with high profile accounts
  • Approach a globally renowned thought leader
  • Feel even more successful than you already are

Pay attention to who you admire and why. Then,ownthose traits. Don’t waste precious time. You’re built to succeed!

For an example of how this process can be applied, see the case study below.


“Owning” Your Greatness~


I worked with a private trader who was searching for ways to become even more successful than he already was. A multi-millionaire, he aspired to acquire a portfolio of clients that were billionaires. Though a master at his trade, he affirmed that his self-esteem was below par for this scale of “big game hunting.”

According to my client the primary attribute that distinguished him from “them” was a total net worth of $4.2 billion. I told him that if he had an attuned awareness of this quality it was because he had the quality himself; he was simply not honoring it in his own hierarchy of values.

Eager to dissolve this line of separation, he accepted my challenge to discover and acknowledge his ‘disowned’ wealth. We continued to delve into the past, present, and future until he actually managed to “own” $4.2 billion under his own value system.Once my client saw the numbers add up, he experienced having what he formerly believed was missing! His stress regarding ‘billions’ dissipated and so too did the mental and emotional obstacles he previously perceived. He could now act from a place of having the wealth he once only coveted.

He established peer-to-peer relationships with potential candidates. Within six weeks, he converted his number one prospect to a client. By weeks 8 and 14 — he brought two additional billionaires on board.

Find what you perceive is “missing”, then own it 100% to the same degree. What you see, you’ve got. Find it. And it’s yours.


If you could ask a question about what’s holding you back from catapulting your life forward, what would it be To ask yours, click on the link below.

Q. My self-esteem fluctuates according to my latest business results. I don’t mind the highs but the lows consume a lot of time and energy. What’s the quickest way to get back on your feet following setbacks

A. ‘Unhook’ your self-esteem from business results. Your feelings of self-worth should never be as high as the last success or as low as the last failure. Otherwise, these oscillations produce a “seismo-graph” effect that over time will leave you feelingexhausted or inadequate.

Your self-esteem should become the steady and solid horizontal line that cuts across the daily peaks and troughs. The quickest way to do this is by balancing your perception.

For example, the next time you fail at a task, list all the reasons why you think you failed. Then, come up with the equal number of ways you deem that same task to be a success. Do the same when you succeed.

The Universe gives us pairs.You’ll discover that it’s impossible to have failure without success or success without failure. This technique will keep you grounded and centered, ensuring optimum efficiency and mental well-being.

Send me your questions. Although I can’t promise to reply to each one individually, you may see yours featured here in an upcoming issue!

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Angie Katselianos

It’s incredible how you make the ‘invisible’ visible enabling people to experience that they already have what they’re striving for! This combined with loosing addiction to success and fear of failure frees me to do what’s impor-tant, both personally and professionally, without being overly attached to outcomes. You’ve been an expert guide by my side and the growth I’ve realized in such a short time is unbelievable… Thank you .”

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