About Angie

Angie is known for defying convention to get big things done. As the founder of Platinum Performance International, she leads the already successful into uncharted territory and shows them the opportunities no one else can see. It’s her approach to the path, not the path itself, that makes the difference.

Her ability to navigate in uncharted terrain is driven by her clarity of focus. As General Manager of The Thomas Cook Group, she was the first to introduce commercial contracts into the Italian banking system, a move others derided as “unthinkable.” At Johnson & Johnson, Angie challenged protocol and journeyed into the operating room to improve the post-surgical experience for female patients. And during Operation Desert Storm, Angie was handpicked by British Airways to join their secret task force and heal the fear that had crippled air travel. She launched the revolutionary “World’s Biggest Offer” and helped the industry return to the sky.

Across her international career, Angie’s no-nonsense approach has made big things happen for big companies. She powers them to look deep inside and actuate their unseen identities, cornerstones and future strategies. And to decipher that insight, she first had to experience it for herself.

Deep into her business career and staring at a fork in the road, she realized she was unsure which way to pivot. She embarked upon a quest to find what propels top performers — and what halts their ascent. She discovered that every successful person comes upon a pivotal moment, a time when they must re-examine their beliefs, values, and behaviors. Only through this complete stop can they then move forward.

And so, she moved. Seeing great potential in an untested challenge, Angie leapt off the corporate ladder and turned down a huge promotion to spark her own ‘next big thing’. She became an entrepreneur, one who has coached, counseled and consulted clients ranging from Olympic athletes to other top-performing entrepreneurs in 24 countries. Her Milan-based firm has identified influential opportunities for Hewlett-Packard, Alitalia, Fiat, Electrolux, Travelport, Italian Ministry of Defense, and many more.

For Angie, it’s not defining what’s next. It’s making what’s next happen.

What Clients Say


    • “Angie will hone in, stay focused, and pull you up and through the eye of the needle! I’m more focused and make better business decisions. She’s on retainer.”
      Caroline Cocciardi
      Documentary Producer
      San Francisco, USA
    • “Angie is direct with a laser-like focus yet there is an elegance and a beauty to her manner. Her approach is intuitive, revolutionary, and dynamic.”
      Tim Brown
      Pilot, Cathay Pacific
      Hong Kong
    • “She appears passive but you know she’s actively listening. Suddenly her ‘radar’ locks onto something you’ve said and before you know it, you’ve dissolved an unwanted pattern of behavior you’ve demonstrated for the past 30 years.”
      Andrew Wood
      United Kingdom
    • “Angie has the powerful ability to move people. Her finest work exceeds the personal and professional domain and has physiological and spiritual impact. This brings about profound change and represents the essence of healing.”
      Dr. Itzhak Derimar
      Chiropractic Clinics, President
      Jerusalem, Israel
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